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Kish Island
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Kish Island

Kish is located in the Persian Gulf, 19 km (12 mi) from mainland Iran and has an area of approximately 91 km2 (35 sq mi) with an outer boundary of 40 km (25 mi) and a nearly elliptical shape. Along Kish’s coast are coral reefs and many other small islands. The island is positioned along the 1,359 km (844 mi) long Iranian coastline north of the Persian Gulf. Kish Island is the third most-visited vacation destination in Southwest Asia, after Dubai and Sharm el-Sheikh.

iran tour operator [clarification needed] Tourists from many—but not all—foreign nations wishing to enter Kish Free Zone from legal ports are not required to obtain any visa prior to travel. For those travelers, upon-arrival travel permits are stamped valid for 14 days by Kish officials

Kish Island

Kish is booming. Hotels, apartment blocks and retail complexes (it enjoys free-trade-zone status) dominate the once-empty desert landscape and domestic tourist numbers are on the rise, especially in winter, when it’s freezing cold on the mainland.

iran tour operator

Kish Island

Kish is largely ignored by foreign tourists, though. That’s a shame, because a visit here is a great way to experience Iran from an altogether different perspective. Leave the sight-laden cities of the mainland and come here to enjoy sea, sand and sun in a relaxed atmosphere. Kish almost regained last boom, during the rule of the dynasties that period of coming Western businessmen, ambassadors and envoys of the European Court to Iran. But this time, the genesis era of the phenomenon of colonialism and expand the influence of colonial countries on the other countries

Kish Island

Seven years after the death of Karim Khan Zand and passing the exciter of the crown claims and the period of instability that was started in the early Qajar period. Persian Gulf was in the worst case of political, security and socio – economic conditions and its islands (including Kish ) experienced severe injuries and losses of this instability and English provoked this chaos further in order to achieve their purpose, first occupied the Qeshm Island and turn it into a navy base, began to encroach on other island.

Kish Island

Water Sports

From parasailing to scuba diving, wake-boarding to jet skiing, Kish has it all. These activities are led by young, perfectly bronzed Iranian men and women who remind you that no matter what corner of the world you are in, surf culture is the same. While the mandatory hijab is still required on these islands, it

Kish Island

is a bit more lax. For participation in these water activities, a swim cap suffices as hijab for women. If you do not want to actually get in the water, you can try the glass-bottom boats to catch a glimpse of the colorful sea life of the Persian Gulf’s aquarium.

Kish Island

The International Kish Airport has been constructed at the central and elevated part of the island with about 35-40 m height. The steepest part of the island starts from the northern wing of Kish airport towards the coastline (Shayan Hotel).

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