Aligudarz White Water Waterfall

Ab-e Sefid waterfall, also known as Sefid Ab waterfall and Sefid waterfall, is located in the southeast of Lorestan province, in the foothills of the Zagros Mountains, and its water flows from a tunnel in the heart of a rocky mountain. The height of the waterfall is 52 meters and the width of its crown in the high water season is about 8 meters. This waterfall joins the Lorestan Rudbar River and eventually flows into Dez. It can be said that its water is known as white water because it mixes with air and forms a white bubble due to contact with rocks. The waterfall itself is located in dark valleys created by geological activity and water erosion over several thousand years.
The forest and green cover next to the waterfall is another beauty of the region.



Vegetation and animals

Ab-e Sefid waterfall, which is located in Qali Kuh area, is considered as a protected area and hunting is prohibited due to its special flora and fauna.
One of the unique trees of this region is cypress, which is rooted and grows inside rocks and rocks. Locals say that when the tree is years old and so-called old, it is ignited by fire and destroyed to replace the young tree.
Other plant species in this region include: Persian oak, juniper, hawthorn, wild fig, wild star anise, raspberry and inverted tulips.

The animals of this region are leopards, brown bears, hyenas, wolves, hawks, pigeons, vultures, owls, partridges, partridges, lunar and many other species. Of course, do not worry about wild animals at the edge of the waterfall, because due to the high traffic, these animals are not seen near the waterfall.


Waterfall facilities

Two prayer houses, 150 rest platforms, food stalls and a black tent and an exhibition to present and get acquainted with the products and culture of the Bakhtiari people and the nomads of the region, are the facilities that you will have access to in the area of ​​the waterfall. In the future, facilities will be added to the complex, including an artificial lake with an area of ​​one hectare, a pavilion, a fishing platform, a clinic, a police station, a cable car, a ski slope, residential suites, a conference hall, a horseback riding and cycling track. There will be shooting facilities, a zoo (for wildlife breeding), a children’s playground, a traditional restaurant and a coffee shop.


Access path

Ab-e Sefid waterfall is located in Pishkuh Zolqi area, about 50 km from Aligudarz city, which can be reached by road from Aligudarz city. The route from Aligudarz to the waterfall is an asphalt road.
To reach this beautiful waterfall, go to Aligudarz and take the waterfall path through the asphalt road. The distance from the waterfall to Aligudarz is more than 50 km and the road will take you to the waterfall. At this distance, the road is mountainous and it takes about 2 hours to get near the waterfall, park your car near the waterfall and enter the cobblestone path to reach the foot of the waterfall after about 15 minutes of walking.
If you do not have a personal car, you can take a closed ride from Aligudarz to the waterfall or use the minibuses that go to the villages of the “Zuma Mahro” area. Of course, this method has its own difficulty and is not highly recommended.


The best travel season

The climate of the region is very cool and airy in spring and summer. The best effect of the waterfall is visible in spring, but in summer, many tourists come to this waterfall. The climate of this region is cool in summer.



Aligudarz city has many beauties. The mirages of Tamandroo Cave of Gerdkanak, the mirages of Mahichal, Gaikan and Sardreh, the caves of Tamandar and Bazin, and the castle of Sila and the waterfall of Chakan are other beauties of the region that you can also enjoy.

There is no gas station and other facilities on the side road to the waterfall. So it is better to fill your tank and keep your car healthy so that you do not get into trouble.

If you have a lot of equipment and luggage, you can use local animals to carry luggage from the parking lot to the waterfall. Provided that you pay the cost (about seven to eight thousand tomans).

Tasting local and traditional food of each city and region is an experience that adds to the pleasure of your trip.

Do not forget to take extra clothes so that you do not get in trouble if you get wet with water.

On the way back, you can get salmon from the spring.

Our waste is not a good gift for nature, so do not leave it in nature.

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