Attractive Azeri celebrations

The people of Azerbaijan (it does not matter if we consider the Middle East or the West) are genuine people who are unmatched in friendship, ideology and kindness. They are brave and steadfast in the face of adversity and have characteristics such as hospitality, militancy, liberalism, border guarding, and so on.

From ancient times, these people maintained the good behavior of their ancestors and passed it on from generation to generation, so that today we can see widespread celebrations in the corners of this province.

Traditions such as pilgrimage to the graves, green growth, Bayram Pai, shawl making, takm chiha, product festival, grape festival of Azerbaijan and… some of these customs and celebrations have unfortunately been covered with a dust of oblivion such as the beautiful celebration of takm chiha and grape festival Azerbaijan.

Complete parts of Azerbaijan
The beautiful celebration of Nowruz has long had a special place among us Iranians; but what is important here are some of the mirrors that are being forgotten in every corner of Iran; but with so little information passed on by word of mouth, we do not allow these celebrations and traditions to be immersed in oblivion.

Music is one of the pillars of celebrations and it is possible to celebrate without music!

Takmichis and Sayachis are also considered as the main musicians and singers of this beautiful celebration. These people are known in the region of Azerbaijan as harpsichordists, narrators and traveling singers who, in the last cold days of the year, with their warm voices promise spring that brings greenery.
This beautiful festival, like the Azerbaijan Grape Festival, is common among the Azeri people and is generally held in provinces such as East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Ardabil and Zanjan.

Azerbaijan Grape Festival
Harvesting has been of special importance to the good farming people of our country since ancient times. This level of importance is not unique to Iranians and exists everywhere in the world.



This level of importance has led to the emergence of various harvest festivals that are held in different seasons of the year. Dushabpezan, Shanadar and the grape festival of Azerbaijan are all considered as such attractive celebrations.

These triple festivals have been held since the people of this beautiful region chose the colorful clusters of grapes as a special product of their land and created emerald vineyards with their powerful hands.
In fact, the grape festival of Azerbaijan is an excuse to say goodbye to summer and welcome a pleasant autumn!

In this celebration, with joy and group games, everyone puts their best grapes of the vineyard to the competition to choose the best and competes with others to win.
History of Azerbaijan Grape Festival
This heartwarming celebration is known as Shanadar and Oshana. Muslims in the region of Azerbaijan call this festival Shanader and Christians named it Oshana; but in fact, all these letters end with the celebration of the grapes of Azerbaijan.

This historical celebration dates back to several hundred years ago or daringly to several thousand years ago and is known as one of the most symbolic thanksgiving ceremonies of the Creator for a good product.

Grape festivals have long been associated with dancing and carols, and songs such as the local Vagoshmajas and Baybiats are sung.
In Urmia, this celebration is also known as Shanadar or Shanidar, the first part of which means agor and the second part means picking.
When is the Azerbaijan Grape Festival held?
Grape Festival is usually held in late September, just when the grapes are fully ripe.

How to hold a grape festival
At sunrise on the last day of September, men and women gather in the vineyards. Of course, in ancient times, this tradition started a few days ago, and even in honor of this holiday, they avoided eating grapes for a few days.

Participants wear local costumes and, with small baskets of grapes, pray and give thanks for the blessings bestowed on them by the Creator that year, and ask God, the Merciful, to protect vineyards and farmlands from celestial disasters such as storms, floods, and droughts. , Hail and. Keep safe.

Some people make vows on this auspicious day and go to help people in need.

But the grape festival of Azerbaijan is held differently among the dear Christian people of this region. The main celebration is held in the church with the Lord’s Supper and the consecration of a bunch of white grapes.

The high priest puts the white seeds of the bunch of grapes in the mouth of the audience, thus freeing the grapes to the followers of Christianity.

Grape Festival Hymns
On this blessed day, special hymns are sung in every city and village. The artist lovers of this region perform special songs that sometimes travel miles to join the locals at the invitation of the villagers.

These types of songs do not have a religious aspect and make most of the joy and happiness in the hearts of the people.
Some special celebratory customs
In ancient times, people considered holy grapes and did not put the seeds of this fruit in their mouths until the ceremony.

People attending the celebration try to wear local clothes; but those who do not wear local clothes are better off wearing white clothes.

When picking grapes, they tried their best not to separate the grape seeds from the clusters and not to fall on the ground, because they considered this a sin and ungratefulness of the blessings of God.

Just as grapes are important to people, so is vinegar. Locals believe that vinegar is only made by certain people who are free of any eye sores.

Special celebration of grapes
Throughout this border and landscape, there are many traditions and celebrations on which the dust of oblivion sits; but we have a duty to be diligent in preserving them. Azerbaijan Grape Festival is also one of the ancient and beautiful festivals that we suggest you participate in once.

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