Khalkhal is a city in Ardabil province that has a good tourist position and hosts many tourists, nature lovers and foresters with its lush nature and cool weather. The eye-catching nature and geographical location of Khalkhal make this city one of the best and most pleasant tourist destinations in Iran, and while traveling to other cities of Ardabil province, you can stay in beautiful Khalkhal for a few days and of course on the most beautiful road. Iran means drive the road from Islam to Khalkhal.
You can travel to Khalkhal with Iran Royal Holidays or at least in this article read about this beautiful city.

Where is Khalkhal city?

Khalkhal is a city in the south of Ardabil province, which according to historical traditions has a history of civilization and human habitation of about 4000 years and has an extremely beautiful nature. Khalkhal reaches Talesh heights in Gilan province from the east and is adjacent to Miyaneh city in East Azerbaijan from the west. South of Khalkhal also leads to Zanjan.
The city has experienced different climates throughout the year, and this change in climate has led to this area being known as Khalkhal in the past and later changing to Khalkhal.

Weather in Khalkhal

Khalkhal is located in a mountainous area and the climate of Khalkhal city has been greatly affected by the heights of the region, especially the Talesh Mountains. The city has mild and pleasant summers with cold winters. The heights of Talesh, which are located very close to the city, are cold and snowy most days of the year, and this has a great impact on the climate of Khalkhal city. It is interesting to know that Khalkhal winter lasts for about 5 months and heavy snowfall blocks some of the roads leading to this city, such as the Asalem-Khalkhal road. If you travel to Khalkhal in the second half of the year, be sure to check the weather and travel to this city with full equipment and warm clothes. In the first half of the year, the weather in the city is humid and pleasant and is affected by crossing the Ghezel Ozan River.

Khalkhal Natural Attractions

Khalkhal has a very pristine nature and this is what has led to very beautiful natural attractions, waterfalls and rivers in this city, which we will mention several examples here.
Aznav spring is one of the most famous and of course the most beautiful sights among the natural attractions of Khalkhal city, which has a very pleasant weather. This spring is always boiling and this has caused the city of Islam to never experience drought and dehydration. This spring irrigates and fertilizes the surrounding gardens and agricultural lands and reduces the temperature on hot days of the year. Of course, this area also includes five large limestone natural caves, large and small, which are worth visiting.

The beautiful road from Islam to Khalkhal

Asalem to Khalkhal road is not only one of the best attractions of the city but also the most beautiful road in Iran, which is attractive and spectacular in all seasons. The whole route on both sides of the road from Islam to Khalkhal is covered with tall trees and lush plants on the hills and mountains, which has created a very beautiful landscape for watching and photographing. The motivation of many people from traveling to Khalkhal is to enjoy this beauty and watch this road. In some parts of the road by car, you can cross the maze and then reach a green and very beautiful plain that is unparalleled for photography, rest and camping in all of Iran.

Khalkhal Haft Khaneh Cave

Haft Khaneh Khalkhal Cave is located 20 km southwest of Khalkhal and Garmkhaneh village. The cave has two entrances and seven small halls of three meters, the navigation of which requires caving equipment and training.

Khalkhal waterfalls and rivers

Due to the height of Khalkhal city and its pristine natural location, one should expect water-filled rivers and beautiful waterfalls from this city. Khalkhal has several rivers, including Qarah Su, Ghezel Ozan, Shahrud, Sangrud, Arpachai and Hervabad.
Naregar waterfall in Esbo village is another natural and tourist attraction of Khalkhal. This waterfall flows from a spring and after watering the gardens of Esbo village, it flows into Shahroud River. Naregar waterfall is about half an hour walk from Esbo village and is known as a destination for many nature lovers.
Nodeh waterfall is another beautiful waterfall of Khalkhal city, which is located four kilometers from Nodeh village and Khorsh Rostam waterfall section. Nodeh waterfall is one of the most famous and attractive waterfalls of Khalkhal on the southern slope of Aq Mountain, which is 30 meters high and flows down with a gap created in the middle of a rocky cliff.

Lake Noor Khalkhal

Beautiful Lake Nevar is located 48 km southeast of Ardabil towards Khalkhal, between the cities of Ardabil and Khalkhal, on the border of Ardabil and Gilan provinces. Neur is a destination for many tourists. Lake Nevar is known as one of the natural and exceptional attractions of this region, which consists of two small and large lakes. The two lakes meet in the spring to form a single lake five meters deep.

The peak of Ag Dagh Khalkhal

Agh Dagh peak with a height of 3322 meters above sea level is the second highest peak in Ardabil province. The vegetation of this mountain includes basil and thyme, and the springs that flow from the heights of this peak are believed by the locals to be useful for the digestive system.

Givi hot water

The cities of Ardabil province, especially Sarein, are known for their natural and therapeutic spas, but perhaps few people know that there are also therapeutic spas in Khalkhal.
Givi Spa is located near the beautiful city of Khalkhal and has many healing properties for skin and joint diseases such as rheumatism. There are natural landscapes and beautiful gardens around Givi Spa, which has made this spa a suitable place for travel and entertainment.

Khalkhal handicrafts and souvenirs

To buy souvenirs from Khalkhal’s memorable trip, tourists can buy handicrafts in addition to tasty food. Among the famous handicrafts of this city as souvenirs, we can mention silk and woolen rugs, kilim weaving, plush, woolen and fluffy clothes and seat weaving. In addition to this, Khalkhal woolen scarf is another souvenir of this city, which was prepared in Shahroud and is an important export of Khalkhal. When shopping, keep in mind that there are sometimes some very valuable documents in this area that Khalkhali artists weave prominently.
In addition to handicrafts, an important part of Khalkhal souvenirs includes tasty foods and traditional sweets, the most important of which are Sabalan honey, local sweets and fruits of the most beautiful gardens in this area. In this trip, it is suggested to buy from the organic products of the gardens, ie apples, pears, apricots, peaches, plums, cherries, sour cherries, walnuts, grapes, berries, cucumbers, kambzeh (charcha), chateau, rhubarb (oshqoon) as souvenirs. Be. At the end of the trip and buying soughay, remember to try Khalkhal oily breads.

Khalkhal Restaurants

As you know, the food culture of the Turks is very rich and full of delicious foods, especially kebabs and meatballs. The most famous restaurant in Khalkhal should be considered Kababi Ghazipour, which is located on the road from Punal to Khalkhal, and almost all tourists and travelers who travel to Khalkhal must visit this kebab. Ghazipour restaurant does not have a special decoration design and is very simple. In addition, the menu of this restaurant offers only a variety of kebabs and almost all users have suggested it.
Sadegh Restaurant should also be considered one of the best restaurants in Khalkhal with a traditional menu that serves guests for lunch and dinner. This restaurant is located in Imam Khomeini Street, at the beginning of Janbazan Square, 30 meters after Musazadeh Street, and in addition to Iranian food, it also has a special menu of traditional Turkish food, especially kebabs and meatballs.

Khalkhal Hotels and Accommodations

If you travel to Khalkhal, you can stay in the tourist hotel of this city. Tourist hotels are among the chain hotels in Iran and receive guests with the necessary standards. This hotel is located in Khalkhal, next to Payame Noor University, and you can stay in this beautiful city through the Aladdin Reservation Team.
Another suitable hotel for Khalkhal to stay is Parnian Hotel, which is located on the road from Islam to Khalkhal, at the intersection of Shahroud route and Khoms village.

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