Have you made your decision and Iran is destination of your trip?

The most exciting experiences will be waiting for you. Now that your decision is taken, Iran is one of the cheapest destinations. When we talk about airplane travel, types of Aircraft have a great impact on the quality of the trip. And as you know, quality in services and providing the best possible services are the basics of all companies. Travel is usually due to pleasure or working conditions. If you come to Iran alone and without Touring, our Iran travel agency introduce you Airlines that enter Iran directly or indirectly And we provide for you quality and rate. Of course there are airports in all of Iran’s cities.

If your flight is direct to Iran We have several options for you


The most famous airlines in the International Aviation Organization ((IATA)) Mahan Air was established in 1992.

Mahan Air

You can purchase ticket from airlines agencies or online.

The Mahan Air Class is the ideal environment for you to relax, work or study. Sufficient space with seat settings, For the comfort of the passengers, it creates a sense of happiness for you.

The air hostess of this airline are a typical example of Iranian hospitality Very customer-oriented. National and international standards are ready to provide service in a professional environment.

You can watch the landing and taking off the plane by TV which installed. In Compared to other airlines, this airline offers more space for passengers To feel comfortable and relaxing until the end of the trip. The company has created facilities for travelers such as:

  1. For the comfort and convenience of the Mahan Airlines passengers, present a bag with cosmetic and Sanitary tools.
  2. Children aged 2 to 12 receive a gift for fun during their flight, depending on their flight path and age.
  3. In all flights, the blankets and pillows are disinfected and packed for sleeping, available to travelers.


Iran Air or Homa Company from Iran’s oldest airline companies which now has more than 40 international and domestic flights . The center of this company is Mehrabad International Airport . For internal flights the Mehrabad Airport and And for the international flights the Imam Khomeini Airport is performed.

iranair company

This airline transports 6 million passengers annually It has 37 aircraft. Iran Air is currently flying to 35 cities in Iran and 26 European and Asian cities.

The honors of the company include the following:

– Selected as the best visual logo by Canadian company( ICS GROUP)

– Golden statue for information .

If you need help contact Iran our operator with whatsapp or online support in our website.

But for travelers arriving in Iran indirectly, we have more options


One of the largest and most luxurious airlines in the world The Qatari government owns it And its office is in Doha .And since 2013, the main member of the International Union.


This airline has 179 airliner and 55 freighter Fly to 150 destinations in the world . Buying it’s tickets easily and in the fastest time possible in 3 levels

  1. Business class: With seats that can bend and turn into a comfortable bed .The high standards and ticket prices of these flights are cost effective. If you fly with Qatar Airlines, you will be entering Iran after stopping in Doha.
  2. Economy Class: In the economic-class, each seat has a screen that passengers can watch the different programs.


Emirates Airlines began its operation in 1985 And it’s currently one of the world’s largest airline companies which Every week, there are 3600 flights to 80 countries in the world . This airline has 220 aircrafts that fly to six continents And is one of the top 10 airline companies. The following points are worth mentioning :

  •  Airline Fleet Update
  •  Best International Airline in 2011
  • Excellent quality and flight craft with many awards
  • The Emirates Airlines sponsors many sports clubs


Currently the company has direct flights from Dubai to Tehran and Mashhad. You can buy or book your ticket online, in person or by phone.


The airline was set up in 2003 and became the sixth best in 2016 Which it was the fourth Middle Eastern airline with 96 daily flights With a displacement of 10 million passengers . It has 3 levels class ;

  • economic class With monitor chairs
  • Business class Has a TV and a convertible chair
  • first class Seats equipped with Proprietary environment, recreational facilities
  • residence class Everything that you have in your apartment can found here

The airline has the best cabins of the first class The world’s leading airline in 2009-2010 and 2011.


From Oman Airlines flying to fifty destinations in the world which has been founded in 1970. The headquarters of the Oman Airlines in International Airport in Muscat. This airline is one of the finest on the continent of Asia. And while offering a luxury trip, it has very good prices. This airline has 41 Airbus And travelers can enjoy entertainment such as movies, games and especial foods.


Despite all this, it is worth traveling with this airlines.

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