Caviar is obtained from a kind of fish called estrogens. It’s one of most expensive and luxuries food.

Caspian sea is the largest sources of caviar fish that its provided more than 90%of the world caviar.

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The history of this fish dates back to the Jurassic age .

The value of caviar fish isn’t it’s meat but its egg.

This plushy breakfast served with egg yolks or scented vegetables, of course in best case it should be eaten alone.

Differnt types of caviar

There are few types of caviar :

  • black caviar
  • red caviar
  • Gold caviar

Persian caviar is the black one that it’s name is black pearl.

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Unfortunately because of some reasons caviar production in Iran has decreased and some special countries such as china have been able to produce 100 tons of caviar. Using of famous name the Caspian Sea by using indigenous knowledge of Iran.

Now let’s know about this especial fish: it lives in south of Caspian Sea. Maybe you think why just this area?

Due to the many dams and pollution the sea by factory waste in sea by the countries so they (caviar fish) have emigrated to south of Caspian Sea.

Mazandaran is one of largest producers of caviar with a production of 32 tons for each year and export caviar to countries such as Germany, Italy, and French. And its meat to Russia. This black pearl (caviar fish) has a spicy and flavored taste with unique property such as vitamin A, E,..

Caviar called the elixir of health .so let’s take a look to some of these features it:

  • 1-helping to treat depression
  • 2-strengthen muscle
  • 3-destroying viruses….

However look out for fake caviar in non-sanitary packages.

If you are going to travel abroad and you want buy caviar note few things ,first you can allowed just to take 250g ,second the airport caviar prices doubled the coast of city you can get of major sales companies ,third never deceive low prices because the price is fixed everywhere.

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Original caviar has production and expiration date with operation license.

Did you know that 1 kilo caviar is equivalent to 25 barrels of oil??

Its a magic of nature caviar is precious treasure..


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