Many people who has gone to TEHRAN, certainly visit Darband to relax and have fun. Darband  is one of the distance of Iran tour operator.

Number of Iranian prince lived in Darband. the restaurants in this area serve the most delicious tasty and hearty food. if you are planing to go to hiking and climbing certainly you will see a lot of sightseeing in Darband in Tehran.

In fact Darband is a valley with forest cover and a river.the river originates from Tochall heights. the river is moving from north to south. with our Iran tour operator have memorable trip in Iran.

Tehran darband

Restaurants and traditional coffee has been built along the river ,which tourists call them SEVEN POOL .

Narrow bridges are built on the river. Of course foods at this restaurants isn’t cheap,maybe you want to try out street foods like sandwiches,barbecues,

Baked and roasted corn which is exciting in it’s kind.

Darband’s nature with Iran tour operator

In the autumn leaves of the trees become the color of album and you faced with the most beautiful image of nature’s Darband of TEHRAN send try to take picture of this view.TALL WATER FALL that its name is SUTEK.

Try move early in the morning that you don’t hit the crowd.

One of the Darband facility and possibility is chairlift for high altitudes.

From other attractions is 3 meter sculpture climber which has been in the middle of the field .it was installed 50 years ago .

This sculpture is for appreciate one of the most efficient army forces ,which saved the lives of foreign climbers. he received the courage medal from USA PRESIDENT JOHN-F KENNEDY

Darband with iran tour operator

beauty nature of Tehran’s  Darband in IRAN are special one that you never experience it before try, maybe this time the angel of luck smiled you and drop a lottery to IRAN to see the beauties. also with Iran royal holiday’s Iran tour operator you can easily travel with a budget tour in Iran and visit that country.


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