Derkeh or ezon one of neighborhoods in north of Tehran ,capital of Iran with population of nearly 6000.

Derkeh is one of old, beauty locality’divicion of SHEMIRANAT. it dates back 800 years ago.

If you are looking for a place for hiking and climbing with natural attraction, Iran travel agency offer this place to you .

Darake Tehran Iran travel agency

Because of the mountainous nature of the valley and enclosed by the highlands of TOCHALL, fresh nature,cold and refreshing weather, that it reaches only 27 degrees on the warmest day of the year, with maximum of snow and rain near 500ml.

There is forest cover in river sides.along the way, locals supply their own reign product to expose.

In the summer local cherries and winter meddler .there is some local cafes are ready to welcome with breakfast, evening, dinner for resolve tiredness.

You will surely hear the description of KARA forest from visitors and local people, going to beautiful woods of KARA it will keep you coming back especially in fall you will encounter a colorful carpet with massive colors brownish,orange,yellow and red one.

Actually kara forest is like woodland planted around mountains ,and it gives a sence of forest. with a budget tour in Iran visit that beautiful nature.

Darake waterfall

The best season to go to derkeh is spring and summer to escape the heat.

It gives you tranquility by sound of river and beautiful views.

If you go to the mountains for a hill take hot water flask ،nuts and dried frutes ,suitable climbing shoes.

Dont shake the branches of trees for fire.

Another attraction of DERKEH is KARA WATERFULL, MAD VALLEY WATERFULL,TWO STONE ‘CAVE. Iran travel agency recommend visit them.

Hole panter shelter is a place to rest for climbers, the reason for calling it HOLE PANTER because it was a residence of leopard.

You can use the TOCHALL CABLE CAR to return the city.

Because of the river, people of DERKEH jobs was initially agricultural and horticultural.

The voice of the water and the humming of the presence of people alongside the restaurants will transfer the sense of life to you in DERKEH OF TEHRAN IN IRAN.

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