Discover Iran on Nowruz 2020

Discover Iran ion Nowruz 2020

Tourists can take advantage of the Nowruz holidays and get to know the mixed parts of Iran. one of the most asked questions is when to travel to Iran? Nowruz is of them. There are many tourist attractions in different cities of Iran that tourists can visit all of them with proper planning and get acquainted with the customs of different regions of Iran. Many believe that the purpose is not to travel to your destination, but when you leave your home for your destination, your journey begins and we must enjoy the length of the journey and its surroundings. Relaxing in the heart of nature is very enjoyable and also affects the mood of people. Here are some of Iran’s most important tourist attractions. with Iran Royal Holidays you can discover iran onnowruz 2020

Varzaneh city

Varzaneh city is located in Benrood district of Isfahan and it is called as the whitest city in Iran because in this historical city of Iran all women traditionally use white tent. Varzaneh is adjacent to the Gavkhuni International Wetland and other nicknames include White Pigeons. The historic historical mosque and the historic bridge are among the most important tourist attractions in Varzaneh.

varzaneh desert

Nowruz 2020 with Iran royal Holidays – Varzaneh Desert


Another tourist attraction of Iran is Nashtifan. This city is located southeast of Khawaf city of Razavi Khorasan province. The city of Nashtifan is known for its old windmills that received their 120-day winds from Sistan. Hence the city is called the Ashbad district. The tourist attractions of the city include the Nashtifan Asbad, the mosque of the city, and the cemeteries of ancient Zoroastrian tombs around the city. Nashtifan is also considered to be the main center of major seedling production nationwide.


Nafteshan Village Nowruz 2020 With Iran roayl Holidays

Abadeh City

Abadeh is another Iranian tourist attraction that is suitable for Nowruz trips. Abadeh city is located in the center of Fars province. In 1397, Abadeh was given the title of World Monument because it was very famous in the world and even examples of it are in famous museums around the world. The most important tourist attractions of Abadeh are the tomb of Khaje Akash, Abadeh Khabar Khaneh, Abadeh Hulah Mansion, Timecheh Sarafian, Timucheh Massoudi, Baqarabad Hills, Kahneh Rahmatabad Abad Castle, Surah Castle and Khomeh Khorshivar in Khoramshahr, , Ghobri Castle, Shurjestan Caravansary, the world’s first arch dam in Izdatkah, Izdatkah Fortress, the inn, Izdatkav Safavid Bridge and Bahram Surmagh Palace.

On the next article we will talk about the top 10 places you must visit on nowruz 2020

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