Discover Iran – Potash, the world’s only salt waterfall

Discover Iran with Potash, the world’s only salt waterfall!

On this “Discover Iran” article we will talk about a beautiful and fascinating salt waterfall.

Our beautiful Iran is full of fascinating sights that we sometimes look for somewhere beyond our country’s borders, unaware of the blessings we might not even have imagined! For example, how many salt cascades are there in the world that look like potash salt cascades?

Potash salt waterfall, located somewhere between Khor and Biabank, is one of Iran’s most beautiful and must discover natural attractions, which may not have been introduced as yet. Today we are going to tell you about this beautiful attraction, natural features and ways of accessing, so follow us on this discover iran article.


Potash Salt Falls, a white diamond in the desert

As we mentioned, the potash salt waterfall is located between the estuary and desert of Isfahan province and is very close to one of Iran’s most famous natural attractions, the Egyptian Desert which you also have to discover in iran.

The waterfall is 25 m high and is located to the north of the Potas Mining Complex in Isfahan Province. There are several salt potash waterfalls that attract many tourists for nature tours.

It is interesting to know that it is known as the world’s first salt waterfall and is a unique attraction in its own right. Of course, many external and human factors have made the waterfall more and more attractive.

If you would like to visit this attraction, the best time to do so is fall, and especially winter. Of course, you should know that if you plan to visit this attraction during Nowruz, you will experience a milder climate than at any other time of the year.


discover iran with salt waterfall

discover iran



Find out more about the Potash Tourism Village

Around this waterfall, a tourist and recreational village is located at a distance of 40 kilometers from the two cities of Khor and Biabank, providing comfort and prosperity to those who travel to this beautiful area.

The construction of this tourism village and the provision of amenities for travelers to visit this waterfall are among the factors that have made many travel to this salt waterfall a part of their travel itinerary. Of course, the lighting of the waterfall at night and the image of its luminous stretching make it more visually appealing to any viewer. That’s why one of the most popular nature photographers’ hangouts for finding new photography subjects is the Potash Salt Falls.

In this village almost everything you see is white and bright. From suites to even the interior design of many restaurants and cafes, they are white and are a great reminder of salt.

Visit the Potash Waterfall every day from 9am to 6pm.


Attractions around the Potash Salt Waterfall

You can also visit other attractions and discover iran while traveling to the Potash Salt Waterfall.

Salt Lake

Where it is known as Salt Lake, it is a lake with irregular geometric shapes that sometimes reach up to 30 or 40 centimeters. If you are a photographer and enjoy the sunset, go to this lake just a 12-minute walk from Potash Falls and enjoy one of the most beautiful scenery in nature.

discover iran with salt lake

discover iran

Aroosan Village

The village of brides is one of the most beautiful palm trees in the Khor and Biabank villages, which in addition to the kind and caring people, has a warm water spring within 18 km that has its own unique fans.


Egypt desert

we at Iran Royal Holidays suggest you to Discover Iran with The most famous attraction located near the Potash Salt Waterfall which is the Egyptian Desert, which is the destination of many winter travelers seeking different types of tourism in the warm and desert regions in winter. The desert is made up of several parts, such as the meadows, the salt lake of Selkun, the Nam River Gorge, and the Takhte Aroos. The best fun you can do in this desert is camel riding and hiking. In the meantime, close to the village is a village that has interesting and traditional architecture for desert people.

discover iran with Egypt Desert

discover iran


Village of Garmah

A traditional village with lots of palm trees! The best description we can get of Garmah Village is that it is a place for people to relax with their clear springs and water, as well as palm trees. There is, of course, a 2700 years old citadel in the village that is of ancient value, and the visit is the motivation for much of the historic attraction.


Ways to access the Potash Salt Waterfall

The best way to get to this village is to travel to Isfahan and start the route from this province. Located near the Potash Mining Complex, you can reach the 40 km of the estuary and desert by bus or private car.

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