WHAT IS VISA? Visa is a document for a person who needs it for passing to another country.

How to apply for a tourist Iranian visa? How is the registration of visa for Iran?

These are the questions For applicants applying for a visa from Iran travel agency .

In general, Iran issues 13 visa types for foreign tourists


how to get Iranian visa


1- Visa for scientific groups Or athletes who intend to enter Iran multiple times.

2- Tourist visa or journey visa for foreign tourists Who are going to visit Iran’s attractions .

(( tourist visa has a lower cost than other visas But you should know this is not renewable. But if you have already visited Iran with another type of visa, your conditions must be check for getting new visa And may the Ministry of Foreign would not been allowed you to take this visa))

3- Pilgrimage visa for tourists who are intend to visit Iran’s shrines .

4- Political visa for government and political officials who come to Iran to conduct political consultations .

5- Educational visa for students and collegian which come to Iran to continue their studies.

6- Work visa for people who want to work in Iran Which is hard for some countries .

7- transit visa and Pass for those who are going to travel to a third country by throughing of Iran .

8- press visa for journalists and people who come to Iran to coverage news

9- Business visa for people who come to Iran for commercial contracts .

10- Multi visa for experts and businessmen who travel to Iran several times during the course .

11- Family joining visa For people who want to register marriage in Iran .

12- Foreign nationals visa for those who have Iranian motherhood .

13- Exit visa for Iranians who have left their Iranian citizenship .


Important things to get Iran visa

  1. person who are under the age of 18 must have a written permission from the father .
  2. In case of refusal of visa application for any reasons Your payment will not be refunded to you.
  3. – Citizens of the three countries
  4.  the United States, Canada and Britain
  5. Only if they can receive a tourist visa from Iran that Travel to Iran with a tour and have a clear trip plan.

Iranian visa


The Iranian Foreign Ministry offers you two ways to get a visa.

  1.  Anyone can go to Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs website Fill out the visa form and sign up for it.
  2.  By travel and tourism agencies which have licensed for a visa and do it more comfortable and quicker that you can enjoy a budget tour in iran .

International rules and agreements of IRAN with some countries It is possible to enter Iran for some countries without a visa ;

  1. Azerbaijan
  2.  Turkey
  3.  Syria.
  4. Lebanon
  5.  Georgia.
  6. Armenia
  7.  Venezuela.
  8. Egypt and Malaysia

Visa is issued to all nationals except Israel


airport visa is intended for foreign nationals Which is at the offices of the State that issued only for tourist purposes on Department at airports of:

  1. Imam Khomeini International Airport
  2.  Mehrabad airport
  3. mashhad and tabriz

get Iranian visa

But some countries can not get airport visa from Iran 

  1.  England
  2. United States of America
  3.  Columbia
  4. Canada
  5.  india
  6.  iraq
  7.  Jordan
  8.  Pakistan
  9.  Bangladesh
  10. Somalia and Afghanistan

They will not be able to obtain airport visa and they must get visa before arriving to Iran.


  1.  Scan the first page of passport
  2. Scan of staff photo
  3.  Address of the place of residence
  4.  job

After delivering the documents to the Agency، Agency for invite person ( Guest) issued

The Invitation card and If the visa is approved , Iranian foreign ministry (( number confirmation – number references)) Declares the verification number to the Agency, Guests can go to the Consulate of Iran And by providing the verification code,

Iran visa is delivery by the Agency to the guest . The tourist visa or business visa Iran takes 7 to 10 days .Which gives you 3 months to stay .

And if you have an application for visa extension, you must apply


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