Hamedan and it’s attraction

Hamedan and it’s attraction

Hamedan, Amadane, Hegmataneh, Ekbatan, A city with 3000 years of human civilization, the capital of Iran in the past and the capital of Iranian civilization.

The weather of this city is so fresh and cold. Hamadan is the fifth tourist and historic city in Iran If you are a climber,a budget tour in Iran and  Mount Alvand with a height of 3584 meters is the best option for you.

hamedan's attraction

The population of this city is 600,000. HAMEDAN is sister with 4 city in Turkey, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Russia.

In hamedan you will be encounter with IRAN civilization. You will see the widest and first hill of ancient Iran, like Athens in HAMEDAN where its name is HEGMATANEH. Now let’s introduce to you the spectacular places of this city:

hamedan and its attraction

1- One of the rare examples of the aquatic Cave its name is ALI SADR The history of this cave date back to the Jurassic period, which is unique.

2- GANJ NAMEH Tourist Recreation Village has attracted a lot of foreign and domestic travelers such as cable car, ski run and etc.

3-Tomb of Esther and Mordechai Perhaps you’ve heard the name of this place it is one of the most important shrines of the Jews of Iran and the world and a Hebrew inscription has been written prominently.

4- The stone lion is one of the most famous sculptures in the city.

5-Tower of kurban , sarab cave , sobashi caves, pizza tower in malayer .

6-AVICENNA TOMB, the Greatest Genius of the Century. And for follower galenic , garden medicien plants has been created with 250 species .

We have a very beautifull and life- giving place for nature lovers: MISHAN PLAIN on the foothill of mount ALVAND a lively area for walking with high trees. There is an ancient inscription near this plain which belongs to the great kingdom of Iran (DARIUSH , Xerxesl) .

hamedan's attractions

If you are looking for a place to relax ، we introduce to you the lost paradise GAYAN MIRAGE with plenty of water and roaring.

The people of Hamedan speak Turkish. Hamedan is a combination of beautiful nature and history. Shopping enjoyable in traditional markets and reasonable prices.

Going to Tomb of Baba Tahir, the great Persian poet , Beautiful Church of St. Gregory Stepan , Cheap rugs , Strange jam and sweet pastries , …

AND MANY UNTOLD things about the places and the beauty of this city that waitting for YOU TO COME .

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