Abyaneh is one of the most famous villages in Iran where Located 40 km northwest of Natanz of Isfahan and close to kashan . This village is on the slopes of Karkas Mountain and for this reason it’s One of the highest residential areas in Iran . The local language Abyaneh is called viuna (vi means willow tree and viyane means where willow trees grow or garden of willow tree)

Which refers to the past time when abyaneh was a garden of willow trees after years ABYANEH prounounced instead “viyaneh” but the locals are using it’s ancient names.

This village was registered as a national monument in 1354.

This village is 4000 years old Which is one of the oldest human habitats in Iran’s desert plain. with historical trip in Iran you can have memorable trip in Iran.

Abyane historical village


Abyane’s geographic location has made for this village tempered and somewhat cool climate.All seasons are suitable for traveling to Abyaneh and if you go to Abyane from Kashan, you will see a very lush, full of trees and beautiful road alongside by watching the view of arbor. Every year during the second half of May, festival of Rose and Rose Water is being held in Kashan. Many people from different parts of the country and abroad visit Kashan, the hub of Mohammadi Rose in Iran.The ceremony for making rosewater in Kashan and abyaneh attracts many tourists.

Because of its mountainous setting, Abyaneh stayed isolated for many years and people’s customs and language is untouched and preserved.

People with special accents which wearing their traditional clothes .Men wear loose fitting & long pants and Women Long dress with Floral Fabrics And white scarves with tiny red flowers that put on to their hair which has a colourful pattern and an under-knee skirt.

The people of Abyane are consuming healthy and natural foods because they are different Be sure these delicious meals have the value of having one try. Official food of Abyaneh peopleis called GEPA Which is baked in crushed corn Gourmet or ghelieh which is baked with lamb is another food that is eaten by people.

The job of most of people is agriculture , horticulture and animal husbandry .

CLOTHES of people in Abyane


You will see architectural glory in Abyane with its traditional and historical monuments . Spiral houses , plaster of clay and straw . This brick houses with wooden doors and windows are amazing but the most beautiful part of it, its red walls that made this village brilliant . Due to the presence of iron in the soil of this village, its walls are red Which gives title to Abyane a ruby or red village . We suggest you do not forget to take photograph of this unique village and it’s people .



  • HARPAG’ FIRE TEMPLE OF ABYANEH, An example of Zoroastrian temples in this village.
  • The Zeyaratgah Shrine– with a pleasing pool and a view of the surrounding countryside/mountains as well as a “Martyrs Room” containing photos of 19 locals killed in the Iran-Iraq war
  • The monastery is a three storey building with brick facades that was in the past the resting place of the kings and princes of Safavid.
  • Abyane castles built to protect the city.
  • There is 11mosque in Abyaneh.
  • Water cisterns
  • Mills and Caravanserai
  • In the past because people used the camel to transport, there was also a camel house.

historical places of Abyane



And also you can take some thing as souvenirs such as; Handmade jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets, Wall pendants and Almond walnuts and sweets are also delicious. Iran tour operator can manage a trip to that city for you.

Be sure its mild and cool weather provides you a memorable holidays Even one night if you can live in this village which it’s a alive museum.


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Abyane images Abyane images Abyane images

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