With research and study among the cultures of the countries of the world you can see many drowsy and cold people But in Iran, even in the far villages and hamlet of Iran From Kurdistan and Azerbaijan to Kerman, Yazd and Shiraz The warmth and hospitality of its people are spoken.

The hospitality of Iranians is to a great degree and world-renown .Although the Chinese are famous for the respect and Although the Chinese are famous for the respect of the guests But the world knows Iranians as hospitality.

The World Economic Forum for the third consecutive year has identified Iran as the most cost-effective tourist destination in the world.


Due to the historical background of ethnic and cultural diversity and diverse sightseeing, the country of Iran every tourist is satisfied.

Several thousand years old civilization and Iranian culture In addition to their humility and hospitality, Iran travel agency will give you a dream trip to tourists.

Do not forget to travel to other countries instead of traveling to Iran.


For many of people , Iran is in the halo of mystery And this has caused many false impressions of Iran And wrong stereotypes of Iran has been created that we point some of them:

1- Iranians are Arabs?!

Contrary to many imaginations, Iranians are Persian and from different ethnicities Like Kurdish , Baloch ,Azeri and Arab

2- The official language of Iran is Arabic?

The official language of Iran is Farsi and In some areas, they speak their own language.

3- Iranian people hate foreigners?

The people of Iran are very kind and be confident that you will be faced with invitations to food and tea on your visit to Iran

4- There is no spectacular place in Iran!

You can not be wrong at all!

Iran has a vast territory with a variety of exquisite architecture and culture, diversity and many attractions.

5- Iranians are not educated!

Education in Iranian culture has a significant role Which affects at a high 50% rate of high-educated people, which is considered a good place in the world.


It is true that there are restrictions in Iran such as

– Alcohol is prohibited

– Women should observe a certain coverage

These restrictions Not an obstacle for Iranian enthusiasts.

Modern Iran is a mix of civilizations of a variety of languages Expiry date and culture that provides a fascinating and friendly place for hobbyists.

There are many countries that are keen on the prosperity of their country’s tourism show it beautiful and pleasant And people are acting in a state of play but in Iran people are themselves and real, which is more pleasant than seeing artificial and unrealistic things.


When a tourist stands on the street and looking for an address, people try to help her/him And with a few English words they do a warm conversation with her/him.

They are humbly Modestly looking to help you.

Many tourists have talked about humanity and generosity in Iran.It is true that there are economic issues in Iran but humanity and kindness of Iranians are more important than it.


IRAN SAFE , Inexpensive ، more Attractive

Statistics show Iran as the most secure Middle Eastern country for foreign tourists Travel to any point. Security is the first one . Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world travel to Iran for health and safety purposes

  • – health tourist
  • -welness tourist
  • – rural tourist

All of which shows a recovery in all cases. And the conditions that progress every day in Iran at all levels.  people of Iran guide and support the tourists and foreigners without any expectations The memories of many tourists who travel to Iran are proof this point.

After the return of Iran, these tourists have changed their views on Iran. Iranian culture from the richest cultures that respect the guest a lot.

If you travel to Iran, you will quickly find that Iran is completely different from what is being shown in the media.

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