No worries for Iran visa in your passport. By commanding Donald Tramp, President of the United States, Traveling to the United States is prohibited for people who visit Iran before and Iran stamped it. perhaps you have been facing people who are afraid of losing the US passport avoid of traveling to Iran.

This is a problem for many tourists who are interested traveling to Iran. at the end of the presidential term, Barack Obama, Citizens of 38 countries, including EU member states Who have traveled to countries such as Iran over the past five years can not enter the United States like the past without visas. Under the leadership of Donald Trump, the sanctions became harder.


Maybe you do not know, but foreign tourists coming to Iran,They can not go to america anymore .Iran is on the US sanctions list. This is due to tourists’ concerns about US sanctions goes to Iran without concern. This is more for some European countries.

Nowadays countries such as Iran, have been suffering from sanctions and economic crisis, which affect many industries of the country.

electronic visa ( e- visa) plan complies with the standards of the day and MFA ( Ministry of foreign affairs of Iran), referring to cooperation of NAJA and cultural Heritage Organization also signed by President Hassan Rouhani.

Of course, this project initially was carried out by the State of Israel and now It is currently underway in several countries .

(This plan was accoplished in doha, tehran inter national airport, isfahan international airport)


Iran announced in June that it is allowing foreign tourists to enter through its international airports without stamping their passports. under a US law passed in 2015, travelers who visit Iran and six other countries are subject to enhanced scrutiny when later attempting to enter the United States. on June 23 that President Hassan Rouhani had instructed the Interior Ministry to coordinate with the border police to eliminate rules related to stamping visas in foreign tourists’ passport.

In 110 spot of the world and Iran international airports for tourists issued electronic visa. (no stamp and label visa)

using of electronic visa is indeed an option for tourists who are worry of attaching visa sticker to passport.

By order of president, all the tourists who arrive in Iran, They will not have a stamp of entry and exit to Iran on their passports And if they are afraid of the sanctions imposed by the United States government, they will not be faced with a problem.


Complete Electronic visa design , This means that the entry and exit label will not be recorded on your passport .This design is being implemented in some countries . electronic visa with the highest standard of quality in Iran and also, Iranian dealers abroad be issued.

The features of this electronic visa is entry and exit label on the passport do not insert for tourists but the validity and the time of the visa will not be changed.


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