Iran visa on arrival (VOA) guide in 2020

Iran visa on arrival (VOA) guide in 2020

Iran visa on arrival (VOA) must be important to Tourists and those who are intend to travel to the Islamic Republic of Iran for any reason, you may have to apply for a visa at the Airport Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran Airport Visa has been issued to more than 70 countries worldwide. The Department of Visa Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran based at the Airport of Iran, when applying for a Iran visa on arrival (VOA) and setting up a visa application form, they review the application for a visa and agrees to issue a visa. This visa may allow you from one to thirty days to reside in Iran.

However, the Iranian Foreign Ministry has provided many facilities for your guests to enter Iran. But reports from foreign guests who received Iran visa on arrival (VOA) indicate that it is better to apply for a visa even though the airport has already been processed.

iran visa on arrival

Important reasons for foreign visitors to apply for a visa in advance are:

Long queues for airport visa applicants that may make you wait hours to get a visa. (In some cases up to 24 hours)

Different hours to reach Iran. You may arrive at Imam Khomeini Airport at 3 am. In these circumstances, even the thought of waiting for an airport visa after 10 hours of flight is worrying.

Fill out visa application forms at the airport.

Waiting for the airport visa processing administrative process.

In cases of non-issuance of a visa (in some cases due to lack of knowledge of the rules and conditions of obtaining an Iranian airport visa)

It is always advisable to apply for a visa before applying for a visa. If you are eligible to apply for an Iran visa on arrival (VOA), you can ask Iran Roayl Holidays to include your name in the relevant form to arrange a visa application at the airport.

iran visa on arrival

Iran visa on arrival (VOA) guide in 2020

If you have already applied for an Iranian visa:

The airport visa process will be carried out at a higher rate.

You will be more confident about being issued a visa.

Relieve stress due to worry about waiting for Iran airport visa queue.

No need to fill out multiple forms (you will receive your visa by holding a passport and a reference code).

2020 Iran visa on arrival (VOA) Requirements

Citizens of countries eligible for an Iranian airport visa include:

Azerbaijan, Albania, Germany, Argentina, South Africa, Austria, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Spain, Australia, Slovenia, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Ukraine, Italy, Ireland, Bahrain, Brazil, Bronti, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria Herzegovina, Portugal, Peru, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkmenistan, China, Denmark, Russian Federation, Romania, Japan, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Oman, France, Palestine, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar, Croatia, South Korea, North Korea, Cuba, Kuwait, Georgia, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Poland, Malaysia, Hungary, Mongolia, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Venezuela , Vietnam, the Netherlands, Yugoslavia, Greece, Tanzania, Oman, India

It has also recently been made possible for nationals of India (India) and Oman.

Citizens of Iraq can obtain airport visas at Mashhad airport.

Attendance of the visa applicant and presentation of the original passport (valid passport) with validity of at least 6 months without any harm or objection.

Provide a reference code (click here for more information).

Origin and Image of Inbound Passengers Insurance Card (This policy is compulsory for all foreigners to enter Iran)

Payment of the visa fee to the airport consulate. (The price of Iranian visas for different nationals is given in the table below.)

Row Country Airport visa price Row Country Airport visa price
1 New Zealand 150 euros 18 Lithuania – Malta – Norway 75 euros
2 Australia 145 euros 19 Ghana – Qatar – Cuba – Gabon – Guinea 75 euros
3 Garlic Elon – Chile 120 euros 20 Russia – Uzbekistan – Argentina 70 euros
4 UAE – Uganda – Chad – Vietnam 100 euros 21 Zambia – Mongolia – Moldova 70   Euro
5 China – Taiwan 100 euros 22 Japan – Turkmenistan – Guyana 60 Euro
6 Serbia 85   Euro 23 Cameroon – Kenya – Kuwait – Tanzania 60 Euro
7 South Africa – Ukraine 80   Euro 24 Madagascar – Malawi – El Salvador 60 Euro
8 Brazil – Hong Kong 80 euros 25 Philippines – Panama – Fiji – Nigeria 55 euros
9 Germany – Austria – Spain 75 euros 26 South Korea – Croatia – India 50 euros
10 Italy – Ireland – Bulgaria – Greece 75 euros 27 Macedonia-Bosnia-Kazakhstan 50 euros
11 Poland – Hungary – Belgium 75 euros 28 Paraguay – Senegal 50   Euro
12 Sweden – Switzerland – Portugal 75   Euro 29 Indonesia, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Niger, Venezuela, Palestine 45 Euro
13 Netherlands – Romania – Denmark 75 euros 30 Ecuador-Nepal-Yemen-Eritrea 40 euros
14 Thailand – Singapore – Oman 75 euros 31 White Russia (Belarus) 25 Euro
15 France – Finland – Cyprus 75   Euro 32 Tajikistan – Algeria – Bhutan – Morocco – Libya –

Egypt (over 20 days) – Saudi Arabia

30 Euro
16 Iceland – Slovenia –

Estonia – Slovakia

75   Euro 33 Armenia – Bahrain 10   Euro
17 Czech-Latvia-Luxembourg 75 euros 34 Malaysia (more than 15 days) 10 euros

If the Iranian visa application has not been completed prior to arrival and the reference code has not been received, the following documents are also required:
Completion and signature of the Visa Application Questionnaire (the questionnaires should be read and fully drafted).
If the applicant is requesting a visa to accompany his / her spouse and children in the passport, he / she must include their exact details in the questionnaires.
Details and photos of the spouse and children (under 18) have already been included in the applicant’s passport.
A new and uniform 4 * 6 photo piece (all cleavage, no hat, glasses and scarf) applicant and companions.
A copy of the passport profile screenshot.

Iran International Airports

Applicants can obtain their visa from the airports of Imam Khomeini, Mehrabad, Mashhad, Shiraz, Orumieh, Isfahan, Bandar Abbas, Bushehr, Tabriz, Qeshm, Kerman, Kish, Ahvaz and Larestan.

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