Mobile is one of those products which has changed the lives of humans .over the last few decades and smartphones ,it has became essential ordinance for today’s society.

Using SIM cards to connect with your friends and surrounding people.

Irancell’s communications service company is Iran’s second-largest mobile phone operator of course , there are several operators who who compete for represent a telephone line in IRAN.

irancell sim card

This company was selected as the best operator in 1392.

At present, 78 million 58 thousand SIM cards have the largest share . Irancell’s operator entered Iran in 2006 And Dr Abbasi is the CEO of the company.

Wherever you are, at home or work place in your own city or in a trip ,you are in the Irancell world.

By irancell app, you will get some incentive scheme and special discounts At affordable prices.

Another advantage of this operator is the high speed of the Internet.and you won’t be angry for reason of low speed of internet.And you always have the Internet everywhere Even rural areas are covered . during your travel to Iran you can use that sim-card in a budget tour in Iran.

Roaming service is another feature of Irancell . Irancell has contracts with 158 countries.

And Irancell subscribers can use roaming services on their tripe to 42 countries And the possibility of having 4g internet.

Irancell roaming is the ability to use mobile phones to send or receive sound Make calls when traveling abroad This means that when you travel abroad you do not need to buy a SIM card in a new country In addition to international roaming, Irancell also has roaming flights for its SIM cards .the next point if you have permanent sim card ,you will receive your bill every 2 months as electronically and the user has 28 days usance.

Irancell has been able to offer attractive services to Youth and different classes of society have the most users .

Cheap sim cards, fast internet, roaming service …These are some of the services.

This operator has been able to Create 50,000 jobs directly or indirectly And also for the Afghan citizens living in Iran Who need to talk to their relatives in Afghanistan Has created a free conversation with the corresponding code Using the Irancell operator, all the distances are destroyed and all are together. Very close

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