Iranian foods

Iranian foods

Iranian table is a very colorful table and the food culture of this country is also very rich in culture. There is a great variety of foods in different part of iran and every region has it’s own native foods. The unique taste of Iranian foods and it’s variety is not only for Iranian people inside the country, but also this variety of are for foreign tourists who are looking for a new and different taste and it is very yummy for them. Here we are going to introduce you some of the most popular Iranian cosines, so you can experience them and with budget tour in Iran , traveling to different cities of Iran and enjoy with these delicious foods.

Iranian foods

1- Cholo kebab

Cholo kebab is one of the most famous foods and authentic Iranian food which is also popular among the forging tourists.

Many people know Iranian with Cholo kebab. This meal is cooked in different kind of grilled fillet and lamb fillet with a regular shape and is served with tomatoes and grilled pappers, saffron rice and fresh Dough drink.

Cholo kebab

2-Dizi (Abgoosht)

Abgoosht is one of the most traditional Iranian foods, it’s also called Dizi. It is served in traditional stolen crock pots. This authentic food is cooked with beans and potatoes, onions and meat and sometimes tomatoes to make it.

Actully, Dizi has a special custom, it is poured in bowl or stolen bowl and served with small pieces of bread usually sangak and soak in food.


3-Ghorme Sabzi Stew

The authentic Iranian is a delicious and popular food for Iranian people. Ghorme sabzi have red beans, vegetable, onions, meat and lemon. It is served with Iranian rice. This Stew has a unique flavor and good smell.

Ghorme sabzi

4- Ash reshteh (Iranian noodle soup)

Ash reshte is known as Iranian noodle soup. It is the most popular and famous food among foreign tourists. Ash reshte is cooked with various beans, special vegetables, noodle and it is decorated with hot onions, hot garlic, hot mint and whey.

Iranian have many traditional foods that local cuisine may be cooked and used in other places but we should know that every food has a certificate and originality.

Ash reshte

In Iran each city has it’s own foods that are the city’s symbol, In fact all of them are created unique Iranian foods. Finally, if you know that how Iranian foods are delicious, not miss budget tour in Iran with Iran travel agency .

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