When we talk about leisure time You have the opportunity to do your favorite things. Iranians have a great deal of recreation and gathering in comparison to other nations. The annual Iranian holiday is 27 days.


Iranian people


1-By considering the deep religious beliefs of Iranians

Going to Pilgrimage to Religious Places is one of the busy and People’s attention detinations such as MASHHAD ( IMAM REZA ) , QOM ( GRAVYARD OF FATEMEH MASOUMEH ) , SHIRAZ ( SHAHCHERAGH GRAVYARD) .

Nowruz holiday at the beginning of spring starting on March 21. Because the weather is suitable for all regions of Iran. Traveling to nearby or far cities and abroad can be easily done with tourist tours which make journey easy and exciting for you by providing facility . For Iranians weekend including Thursday and Friday is good chanc to travel Taking into account:

  • – Atmospheric conditions
  • – Social and economic conditions
  • – Age of people

In past Iranian , They spent most of their time for working And they did not have much free time however Going to nature and traveling with family was One of the most important And healthiest recreations.

Today Iranian people, Due to the downsizing of the official clock their leisure time is different. The use of recreation and leisure is one of the important rights of the nation.

2- Some people watch TV in their free time.

Listen to music, Using computers and the internet, all of this if the fun is solitary. Of course, it has more to do as individual

  • – Gardening
  • – Mountaineering
  • – Caring for birds and animals
  • – Handicraft and recreation

3- Massive fun like going to the stadiums.

  • – Talk with family members
  • – Socialize with friends
  • – Sports and mass games such as Chess, backgammon,…

But if it’s a holiday in the mourning days of IRANIAN the probability of a journey is less.

4- The place of residence has a great impact on leisure time.

If people live near a desert or forest or plain they enjoy the greatest blessings of God.

Can be on weekends or a few days with friends or family Take advantage of the opportunity and stay for a few days.

5- One of the newest hobbies of the Iranian people Using the Internet and tools and cyberspace.

According to research, about 39 million Iranians have access to social networks. Which is half of the population of Iran?

With all these interpretations Using of leisure is different among Iranians, Perhaps leisure is for some body it’s a good time to rest and sleep The statistics say that favorite option for Iranians is staying at home.

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