The reed is an end-blown flute that figures prominently in middle east in some of these musical tradition is not only wind instrument.


Reed or 7th band reed it’s an Iranian wind instrument, perhaps you’ve heard the sound of reed as solo or accompanied by the orchestra and possess affect of magic voice of it.

Thousands of years ago Iranian painter in their miniatures portrayed the reed and tambourine . Reed is common in all part of Iran.

This instrument is widely used in China and is made of natural bamboo they called the REED ju-di.

(Ney- nay-nol) in ancient Persian, NODA in India , net i Armenia ,in Aryan language Nada .in fact the reed has been made from plant of reed .this plant grows up in warm area with with long and yellow stalk.

Reed is called cosmopolitan herb because it is found on most continent in the world .they cut the reed from the head to the end of bottom being as 7th band .a good reed had several important factors and it’s mark are not so important . First be predominate in it’s factor ,second trust the dealer.

Let’s to know the name of some of most brilliant brands of reed’s maker:soltanian, shafi’i .etc

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The great Iranian poet MOWLANA RUMI has been very enthusiastic with this instrument and has said famous poem for reed:

Listen to the reed (FLUTE),how it is complaining.

It is telling about separation.

Ever since I was served from the reed field.

Men and woman have lamented in (PRESENCE OF) my shrill cries

This instrument is sample as appearance but it has own complexity.

5000 years ago in Egypt ,Egyptian stringer have been buried with their instrument (reed).

Reed is an IRANIAN instrument and its very valuable for them with 7000 years of history .Among the greatest stringers of this instrument are Hussein Yavari, Mohammad Mousavi, Hassan Nahid.

this instrument is common in IRAN in few types :1- bagpipe: its usual in Bushehr of Iran.


3- Trupt


5- bar stock (billet)

Due to the historical background of this instrument ,reed has been registered global as a Persian instrument.

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Singing of reed is express of emotion in the form of mystical songs ,what soloist and groups is welcomed .the stringer of reed express his feeling of depressions or happiness with listeners and connect the heart as easy way next time listen so carefully.

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