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Iranian local foods, every city of Iran

Food is part of the culture of people in a region. This time on a short trip we will have a look to Shiraz traditional food treasures .Many of the Shirazi’s dishes are sweet. Now we introduce to you. and you can become familiar with Iranian foods in Iranian foods article. also you can read more about Iranian breads in related article.


kalam pilow shirazi


Some of the delicious and traditional foods of Shiraz


1- pilaw cabbage:A food that cooked of vegetables and rice and decorated with a meatball, Of course, this delicious dish is cooked in all over Iran.

2- pilaw Sause: A suitable vegetarian meals that made of walnut, raisins, and a pomegranate Sause.

3- Shirazi ascertain a light food and fit for dinner.

4- Peach Meatball Different taste. Meatballs that come in the form of small bullets.

5- pilaw Shirazi: Teh – chin (a mix of chicken and egg ant) mixing of rice, yogurt and eggplant.

6- Pilaw sugar

7- Shirazi broth like dizi

8- Pilaw ‘ Carrot: Enriched with energy and cooked of carrots and meat and rice.

9- Broad Bean Pilaw.

And at the end we suggest you the traditional dessert: sweet beverage containing starch jelly in the form of thin fibers.


 biryani isfahan


Traditional local foods of Isfahan


After spending time in the monuments of Isfahan, a delicious Recreation. The Traditional foods you have not ever eaten. with budget tour in Iran package you can visit this city.

1- BIRYANIA food that’s like a hamburger and is made from a combination of mutton and sheep’s white liver and spice which served with sangak bread and doogh .

2- KALLEH JOSH: One of Esfahan Traditional Cuisine that Provided Fast and And from the combination of mint, walnut and whey .

3- ASCERTAIN:The food is suitable for cold season that like a soup.

4- EGGPLANT PORRIDGE: A delicious meal that made of rice, meat, eggplant, onion and mint that served with bread .


6- MEAT AND BEANS: By useing of mutton just like porridge .

7- barbecue

All the delicious food are here just try it.

Ash reshte


Traditional local foods of tehran


Each city has its own signs , And Tehran, the 230 years old capital of iran , has its own diverse cuisine.

1- KALE GONJISHKI: Simple food of meat and onion

2- BEAN DUMPLINGS: It combines rice , bean and mutton .

3- ASCERTAIN’ SPINACH: Food Offer for Vegetarians which Cooked with eggs , potatoes and spinach

4- JAMBALAYA: A very tasty food that is very delicious and we suggest you try it at least once.

5- ASH – E- RESHTEH: is a type of āsh featuring reshteh (thin noodles), kashk (a whey-like, fermented dairy product), commonly made in Iran . It’s very delicate in the winter.

6- GHAYMEH STEW: A popular food that the Tehranians cook with meat and potatoes and split pea .


 Kashans foods


traditional local foods of Kashan


A mountainous and a desert city filled with historical events. If this city is your destination, then we will invite you to the local cuisine of the city. You will experience native taste.

1- Beans and meat: it’s included mutton ,Scented vegetables , rice and onions.

2- BOUILLON OF BEAN: Special food of Kashan.

3- Pea stew Aleh: Cooked with peas, meat and tomatoes.

4- DIZI CHELLO: The main food is rice, beans, meat and onion .

5- Orphanage: dish consisting mainly of aubergine .

Yazd foods


traditional local foods of Yazd


If your route fell to Yazd, Do not refuse traditional cuisine because it has a very interesting taste.

1- SOUP SHOULI: The most famous Yazd cuisine that’s very simple and gourmet flavor

2- PLUM’ SOUP: This soup is a best option for the cold season .

3- MUNG BEAN’ SOUP: Which is prepared very quick .

4- Pomegranate’ soup

5- PEA GHEIMEH STEW: A mix of split peas, French fries and pieces of meat) with,

It is one of the popular Yazd foods that many tourists have tested.

6- WHEAT SOUP: The most powerful and complete type of food that uses all of the cereal .

7- YAZDI MEATBALL: It is cooked with meat, split pea ، tomato past and egg .

Many traditional dishes are left ، We will postpone it for the time being here to try it yourself


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