Is Iran safe


Iran is a country that has been out of reach for Europeans and Americans for many years. It is time for the discovery of this country. Iran has been shown as an unsafe country by negative media ads, and many of our clients and interested tourists ask if Iran is safe?

Iran is a rich country, both in natural features and different cultures and ethnicities, historic civilization. By traveling to Iran and seeing the culture of several thousands of years and enjoying the hospitable people, you will surely go back to your country with an open mind about Iran and the yearning to travel back time after time.

According to the International Institute for the terms of risk assessment, Iran has been ranked among the safest countries, ranking near Great Britain and Denmark. Criteria in this reseach included public transportation, infrastructure and emergency services.choose Iran travel agency to travel Iran.

is Iran safe


At a time when the world is in a lot of commotion with unrest in every corner of the world, Iran still gets recognition for the top tourist attractions in Asia, with historic sites in Hamedan, Shiraz, Isfahan, to name a few. Perhaps you have heard that many tourists have traveled to Iran and changed their perception for this country. Similar to Kuwait and the Emirates, Iran has some of the highest level of security in the Middle East and the world.

Tehran Subway


Refined water pipeline system and sewage network and waste disposal have been fully implemented in all cities and villages of Iran which has increased the level of community health. Hospitals and medical centers in Iran have developed and patients from many countries visit Iran for treatment.

Milad hospital

Iranians are very curious and warm which make  them differentiate from the rest of the world. when they  see a tourist They will welcome him.

One of the things  that  tourists do it  after returning from Iran, Eliminating the misconceptions of others about Iranians.

By following specific tips you will  enjoy  of traveling to IRAN

  1.  Tourists should avoid large gatherings
  2.  Taking photo  of military and state zones are prohibited

It is important to know, regardless of your nationality or religion, Iran is safe for you. Obey the rules of the country and enjoy your trip.


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