IRAN CLOUD FOREST (jangal-e abr shahroud)


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Forests have always been one of the most popular attractions, and if you’re a fan of forest or if you like to travel there, we will take you to the best one.

Even name of this forest is dreamy. Perhaps dreams of walking on clouds is the dream of most of us that we think about it but it’s not limited only to sky, In jangal-e abr that literary meaning Cloud Forest you can do it. Cloud forest is ocean of clouds that fills this forest at different times of the year and it draws tourists every year. Because of the high importance of natural cloud forest, it has been registered as 114 natural monuments by the cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization.

Imagine a forest where the clouds flow freely. One of most beautiful and pleasant climates in the world which will give you incredible experience.



jangal-e abr, water forest or moisty forest is a jewel on the northern slopes of Alborz .It is 2 km north of Shahroud (One of the cities of Semnan province) an area between Gorgan plain and cloudy area.( The cloud forest area is cloudy for most of the year, which is why it is called cloud forest)

A forest with 35000 kilometers expanse and three million years old which is part of the ancient Caspian Hyrcanian forests, one of the most unique forests in the world.

Part of the beauty of the cloud forest goes back to its trees; the lush and beauty of the trees caress the eyes of the viewers. In fact, the tourists of this region can be divided into two groups:

  1.  Botanists who come to this area to see plant species
  2. Tourists who come to this place for sightseeing.

Hyrcanian forests have been left from the Jurassic period, dating back to the third era of geology which has made rare ecosystem. This forest has also old woody plant such as beech, oak, Wyche-elm, alder,Yew….

The forest path is full of hawthorn raspberry and strawberry trees.

Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forest, are among the mixed broad leaved forests on the southern border of the Caspian Sea (The word of Hyrcan is the Greek form of Gorgan) and of course you should know that Iran’s share of these forests is 2 million hectares.

Variety of tree and shrub species along with the favorable climate full of oxygen is ready for you.

Cloud forest area located between two arid climates and semi-dessert and wet which has led to a variety of plant and animal diversity.

We can mention the animals of Jangale-e Abr of this area like

Brown bears






And among the birds




Due to the annual rainfall more than 500mm and the concentration of clouds in most seasons of the year which has made rare and interesting vegetation. The reason for coolness and freshness is the high altitudes that winds drive clouds to the heights.

Altitude varies from 600-800 m above sea level so you should expect 8% moisture.

The path of this forest is very difficult and you may not reach the way without guide.

If you plan to stay in the forest at night, make sure you have the equipment that you need.



 High altitude above sea level

 Low temperatures in heat season

 Many springs and waterfalls

 Diverse forest cover

The birds in this particular ecosystem are very interesting



You might think that only the cloud forest has made this area famous but there are other sights;

  1. Tomb of Sheikh Abul Hassan Kharghani and Bayazide Bastami (Brilliant Scientist)
  2.  Climbing and walking in forest (Even by bicycle) or photography of the surroundings
  3. Waterfalls and springs: Shor-shor and Allohall waterfall are famous but the path to the Alochal Waterfall is a corridor with interspersed trees which is called dallan-e-behesht (corridors of paradise)
  4. Shirin Abad Village, You have to walk for about 2 kilometers from forest to reach this beautiful village.
  5. Medicinal herbs of this area are rare and for botanical lovers is best place to research.



The best time to travel to this forest is first six months of the year (from May to October)

And there are abundant of clouds at this time of year. jangal-e abr Shahrood has its own beauty in autumn and winter but we don’t recommend it because of its particular climate.



1- Prepare your supplies before traveling to this forest due to pristine forest, there is no facilities.

2- If you come to cloud forest for first time, use the specified paths and don’t go into the forest and unfamiliar paths for not facing any problem by rain or losing the way.

3- In cloud forest, there are wild animals live like bears, boars and… , If you stay in forest at nights, be sure to have fire so they don’t get close to you.

4- Use the map and compass or GPS inside the forest.

5- For photography enthusiasts, sunrise in the cloud forest is the best times do not miss it.

6- Plan to arrive at safe place before dark.

Walking in clouds and tasting fresh air is amazing experience that you can have it.

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