KISH Island’s attraction

KISH Island’s attraction

In south of IRAN there’s elliptical island, Persian Gulf’s Pearl. Beautiful coral beaches and Clear water besides Very brisk and pleasant air of KISH is Dreamland for travelers and visitors. you visit that palace just with a budget tour in Iran .

KISH ISLAND IS A Free Trade Port with Beautiful coral beaches which Paradise of the lovers of shopping and furthermore Unrivaled nature with thousand-year-old history That It has become an attractive place for tourists.

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Attractions of Kish island

Dats garden vegetation ، gum tree …It has been very beautiful decorated. KISH ISLAND or QAYS Hometown of rare tree BANYAN.

Exciting fun and Unforgettable experience Invite you . You will see 50,000 Various bird species in the birds’ garden.

  • NATIVE HOUSE ، located in the oldest neighborhood of Kish with 200 years old Renovated with the preservation of traditional architecture .
  • GROUND RECREATIONAL PIER One of the best places to visit Which takes you to the cerulean waters of the Persian Gulf which it’s Suitable for walking and facilities such as sailing and jet skiing .
  • CORAL COAST Beautiful view with Beach Park summerhouse .
  • ISLAND HENDURABI With sandy beaches and local stone beds
  • THE CITY OF HARIRE it’s only coral island in the world . An ancient city with 800 years old in the heart of Kish

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REPTILES EXPOSITION which there lives 100 reptile in such as great boa , big spider ، gator ، black scorpion ,… of course There are vast aquariums in Kish which It keeps different species of fish and other aquatic And by riding on glass boats, you can see these beauties so close.

KISH aqueduct which used to guide groundwater

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From the wonderful beauty of this beautiful aqueduct Its 8 meter ceiling is full of oysters and coral fossils, The corals are 260 to 560 million years old.

If you like the sea amusement, go to Recreational harbor . The fisherman’s beach park has doubled the sights of KISH . With Going underwater and

swimming with fish and turtles you can feel the underwater beauties . For fans of cycling, Simurgh Beach Park Along with the sea view is the best option.

After having fun, if you are looking to buy We will introduce you the best and most famous shopping centers in Kish We will introduce you the best and most famous shopping centers in Kish : Pearl Market , Sarina Shopping Center, ….

You have almost all the tourist options such as surfing , and entertainment even history in Kish.

Kish island

– CISTERN a place To storage the drinking water of people which gradually became a tourist area . The architecture of this cistern is inspired by the architecture of Yazd.

You can fish in MIR MOHANA Beach or go to The village of BAGHU is waiting for you in a very intimate environment far from modern areas and so pristine . An Ideal place for seafood fans In Kish restaurants, fish and oyster, and variety of Iranian and foreign cuisine with live music is served . Dolphins Pool Sea Lions and Whales are not the Only attractions of this island Elysian gardens like Gardens of Ferdowsi and Orchid Gardens are waiting for you SANDS OF BEACH , sound of the waves of the sea, Swimming in the salt sea All this makes you feel good in KISH ISLAND .

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