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NOSE SURGERY IN IRAN (rhinoplasty)

Health tourism is one of the new topics in the field of tourism. Health tourism factors such as globalization, exchange rate changes and the appropriate price.

According to reports most of foreign applicants which Travel to Iran to take advantage of Iran health tourism facilities are from:

– Citizens of the Middle East

– Central Asia

– Australia and America


rhinoplasty in Iran


Nose Surgery or rhinoplasty  is one of the most difficult plastic surgeries that with any mistakes the fit of face disappears and endangers one’s health and have trouble breathing.

That the statistics of nose surgeries in Iran is seven times higher than in the United States and is one of the 10 countries doing this in the world.

Cosmetic surgery is not limited to beauty operations.

Plastic surgery is coming of greec word (plastics) which means the shape.

The reputation of many Iranian plastic surgeons in the world is complicated. So that from other countries choose Iranian surgeons for beautify. Visit the many world famous stars of Iran for cosmetic surgery By Iranian skilled Doctors with cheap price is very common.

The quality of cosmetic surgery in Iran is equal to that of countries like Britain and America.

nose job in iran

By considering the drop in the price of the dollar, cheap medical services in Iran and Experienced doctors has turned Iran into a cosmetic surgery center. High quality of services and patient satisfaction Along with the low and appropriate cost in Iran than the countries like America and Canada, The reason of choosing Iran for surgical destination.

Iranian Beauty Surgery Doctors

Have a very high level of work standards and in fact, there are some of the best plastic surgeons in the world are in Iran.

– If you decide to travel to Iran and have nose surgery Do not worry we will be in constant contact with you and we will guide you .Iran travel agency provides you the medical records as you want and our experts provide you with advice that you are free to do . It is true that no surgery will be risk free but there is not much risk if surgery is carried out by a skilled surgeon.

Iranian Beauty Surgery Doctors

Iran tour operator team since the arrival of the tourist provides services include these items:

-You need to communicate with the your favorite surgeon so you should talk to him with a common language (English)

Because it is necessary for you and your doctor to understand each other our agency does it.

– Our agency will provide you a translator and guide for you to track health issues and communicating with the doctor

– Providing accommodation with amenities and well equipped facilities for medical tourist.

– Providing welfare services recreational for tourist’s cortege ((You must stay ten days after the operation))

– The relationship of the tourist with the doctor after leaving Iran online.

– Safety and short waiting time for treatment.

Tehran has international doctors and well-equipped hospitals which creates many facilities for its customers.

Performing numerous beauty surgeries , And the special command of Iranian surgeons in the form of nose as well as low costs compared to outside Iran is caused The number of people who come to Iran for rhinoplasty is increasing .

Despite the very high prices for nose surgery, Nose surgeries in Iran is much more cost effective than European, American and Arabic countries So the cost of nose surgery in the US is 15 times higher than Iran. In fact, because of the very low prices and the skill of the Iranian doctors, Iran is the centerpiece of cosmetic surgery in the Middle East.

High quality work with low cost by Iranian nose surgeon will be proved for everybody.

If you compare the cost of rhinoplasty in Iran with other countries. You will find out why Iran is the destination for cosmetic surgery, and especially nose surgery in the world and especially now with the fall in the price of currency in Iran ، Iranian surgeons are the first choice. To prove our opinion, we give you a few prices in different countries.

United States of America;

160/000/000 Rials

United Arab Emirates;

270/000/000 rials



And IRAN JUST 50/000/000 RIALS

Now judge yourself


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