The most important the traditional Iranian festival at the first day of spring. The new year of Iranian calendar is the exact time of vernal equinox. Name of Nowruz is came from ‘Avestan” which means new day.

This festival is exact moment of New Year of vernal equinox, the first month of Iranian calendar is Farvardin.


New Year of Iranian calendar occurs at March 21. The exact time of the sun crosses the celestial equator and equalizes night each year is celebrating with all the people in this country.

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One of the customs of this tradition is Haftseen. That is a table. The table is setting with 7 item. Name of this items begin with the “seen or س”. This table items are (grass, samano, senjed, Vinegar, Garlic and apple) each of this items has special meaning in Iranian tradition. And also include a mirror, candle, gold fish, painted egg, flower and Quran .You can see that table in photo.

 At New Year night families share a symbolic meal and often cook sabzi polo ba mahi including, rice, vegetable and fish.

Also, the Ḥāji Firuz is the character of traditional Iranian festival of Nowruz. At time of this celebration you can see that character in almost everywhere in Iran. His face is covered by soot and ears red clothes and a red hat. He dancing at street and sing a traditional song. He trying to make people happy. With a budget tour in Iran you can visit that tradition.


Parsi (Parsee) in the past were a group of people in Iran and a small group of people in India that flowing Iranian prophet Zoroaster. Now Persians come from the Zoroastrians who emigrated to Nowruz festival at start of spring.

One of the most interesting things about Nowruz is visiting during that holiday. People are make a short visit to houses of family and relatives… for saying happy New Year. Traditionally the younger come to the older home such as grandmother, grandfather,.. Usually the older of family give some gifts to younger as Eydi, specially to children to make them happy.

Nowruz holiday continue until the 13th day of the new year. Iranian believe that it’s a bad sign to stay at home at the end of this holiday. So they all go out for picnics ain parks and play some game together and really enjoy.

Although it is not clear why Iranian celebrating beginning of spring for their new year?

Mary Boyce says It is possible that the splendor of the Babylonian festivals led the Iranians to develop their own festival. At first name of this celebration was Navasarda but after years in Middle Persian it changed to Nowruz one of the derivatives of that name in Achaemenian period.

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