Persepolis or Parse in Iran

Persepolis or Parse in Iran

Here is city Persepolis, Thousand pillars or parse is the richest city on earth, name one of the ancient cities of Iran which has been the magnificent and Ceremonial capital of kings of Iran. On the slopes of the Mount of Mercy, which in the past were called Mount Mehr and Mitra, 57 km from SHIRAZ In IRAN, Persepolis was choose as city.

Persepolis or Parse in Iran

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Persepolis History

 In 518 BC a number of the most experienced engineer architects and artists from the four corners of the universe were inductee to this city.  It took fifty years to build the city, by commanding of GREAT DARIUS and after him, his son, Xerxes and the grandson of Darius Ardeshir I. This city was built for 50 years. Greek Akhilos changed it to Persep Tulis and   later renamed Persepolis, the Persian city.

  • Persepolis’s collection consists of 7 halls. Among the palaces of Persepolis:
  •  APADANA PALACES is as old as the others.
  • HADISH PALACES and also name of the second wife of Xerxes.
  • TACHAR or Winter Palace that call it Mirror room.

Persepolis or Parse in Iran

The Persepolis’s collection has been registered in Heritage since 1979 at the UNESCO World List. The construction of the Persepolis Museum is the oldest building in Iran. The collection is full of marvelous and culturally brilliant which its ruin are admired after 2500 by audience.

This place is not just a collection of palaces and departments but it’s a glory of Iranian art and taste. Based on written clay and documents from Persepolis, most of them which are kept in America _During the time of the work, men and women workers had equal salary _ whereas    the Women had part-time jobs, also the women right to inherit and Women were entitled to childbirth salary and Children were supported by the government.

Persepolis or Parse in Iran

Today’s this social security is not fully implemented in advanced countries.

Maybe you ask yourself at that time how they rolled the rocks?  They built a shrine in the heart of the city of Mehr and paved streets that show the civilization and glory of that time.

After entering ALEXANDER to this city it was looted four thousand four hundred kilos of silver.  And Bitter ending, burning Persepolis by   command of Alexander’s.

In this place festivities and ceremonial were held for 50 years, especially for Nowruz. Representatives from different countries gathered in Persepolis and they presented their gifts to the king.

After Darius, his son, Xerxes and his grandson Redshirt I, have improved this city. And also tomb of the kings is near to this city. You can find the tomb of GREAT DARIUS in the NAGHSH-E-Rustam, and the tomb of GREAT Cyrus, not far from them.

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