Maybe you’ve been into one of carpet market’s be sure to see all this beautiful and excitement That try to buy all this art in a framed fashion .

Carpets in the life of iranians is such a essential elements in interior decoration .

Imagine the lay out of the furniture and the services of the wood but without the carpet it reveals that the carpet give the house a warm and intimate feeling that the prrsian carpet will give you this feeling .

Persian carpets are garden of ever lasting this is one of the most popular carpets in tge world.


When you touch the carpet and its texture with its knots and colours maybe you feel good memories of weaver the carpet . Why the colours of carpet absorbs the eyes?

When the colour of the yarn is not chemical and the sheep who have eaten the best forage

This treads have natural and alive colours .

The designs that our fingers are searching for in a carpet in the role of the foliage


The plan of the bush and tree,the animals that are patrolling or fighting ,love and wealth ,each one of these drawing and designes are page of thousand years old presian carpet.

A term is commonplace amonge the iranian is that every new device is good exception carpet that old one is best.

From the every ancient of bc this is a special art of diranian .

Maybe you have heard the name of pazirik ,its oldest handmade of human thats kept in the in the hermitage museum of moscow.

The major handmade carpet market is produced by East Azarbaijan and machine carpet produce in kashan,aran,bidgol,…


Everywhere in the world, Iran knows the carpet with The story of the brilliant colors with the shepherds. its big symbol colture from an old cilvization Even with strong rivals such as Turkey and Pakistan, Persian carpets are well-known budget tour in Iran

In the persian carpet handmade fibers natural have been used like silk,wool,cotton is usually made of silkworms or ultimatelly made of bambo silk no synthetic fibers are used .it should be considered in a country where inflation is high prepartion of this material is very costly these are all the reasons for durability and sustabiity of the iranian carpet .

The point to be aware the first iranian carpets made by nomads who had long journeys and difficult condittion because they didn’t have access synthetic fibers ,they looked for material that kept them warm.

Lets have a look to carpets persian brand:

1-Naeein carpet with high qualitty is known world wide a high percentage of this is due to use of wool named fleecy .with bergamot and lechek designs.

2-Qom carpet with fine silk threads known as silk flower Iran tour operator

3-Kashan carpet with designs of lechek like bergamot’s isfahani made from merinos wool.

5-Turkmen carpet is made of fleece with geometric and flower designs.

5-Kerman’s carpet is one of the most diverse and happiest for coloring.

The price of these carpets in their cities might been expensive but the bigest best market in the middle east is tehran carpet see the finest and most rare carpets in this place and most familiar for many tourists.

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