Iranian musical instrument can be broadsy classified in to some categories : classical,western and folk or. Perhaps you have heard the name of Persian instrument such as :CHORD,SITHAR,DUCLIMER,LUTE,HARP,GHANNON,….

Persian instrument

Now we are talking about GHANNON or miocannon in europe which has been mechanized .this instrument belongs to the old SITHAR family.this Persian instrument In the form of a trapezoid The instrument has a wooden box made of walnut wood ,and older wood is better. which is played by forefinger .It has been used since ancient times in traditional IRANIAN music that

Unfortunately for some time in our country, Iran has remained unknown While in the neighboring countries of Iran, the region is used of this instrument is drived from the greek word which means the law and rule .

Thousend years ago ,farabi’s IRANIAN famous scientist invented this instrument and mentioned in his book AL-MUSIQI-AL-KABIR and used it 45 lame .origin of this instrument has come from the near east to europe ,which had been mechanicalley used there .Because of the imitation of Arabic words, they are mistakenly believed to be Arabic. GHANNON has been made in different size in some countries such as IRAN,egypt , turkey,armenia ,but the best one is egyption GHANNON .it’s lame is variable 63 to 84.material of lames has been made by sheep’s intetine or nylon .the soloist of the GHANNON sites in the first row whenever accompanied by an orchestra.

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The voice of the GHANNON is very cute and desirable Conversely, Santour does not have a reflection .GHANNON have been made on the arabic model because in Arabic and Turkish music is widely used it.

Turks and Arabs believe that this instrument belongs to them

While this instrument came to the land of Turks 150 years age.

The musicians own the name of this instrument Rahim and Jalal Ghannoni in the past And from contemporary artists Lady Malihe Saeedi, Simin Agha Razi, Rabieah zand.

We would like to recommend you listen to the IRANIAN beautiful and attract tone.the IRANIAN traditional music is one of richest one for all of auditor in the world and for all languages who looking for silence and calmness

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