PERSIAN TRADITIONAL SINGING (pronounced avaze-e-irani)

PERSIAN TRADITIONAL SINGING (pronounced avaze-e-irani)

The singing or AVAZ is the expression of emotion through poetry, speech and melody that is part of traditional Iranian music. Iranian vocal has been a reflection of the social situation in different periods of history.


There were poetry and singing in Iran for hundreds of years of b.c which is very nice and simple to understand .The most important inscriptions pointing to the song is Choghazenbil hills of Dezful Which is about 3400 years ago.

Barbad, Nikissa and Ramtin were the most famous and oldest singers of the Sassanian Empire.The city of Isfahan with 500 years old is capital of Iranian artists and the school of singing. Persian music with its global reputation has musiciansand singers.

The new European music was originally laid out by Iranian scientist Mohammad Farabi. But today, many Iranians and even European countries eagerly listen to this sweet song. The Iranian traditional vocal linked by MOHAMAD REZA SHAJARIAN.


Professor Mohammad Reza Shajarian was born on October 1 1940 in the northeastern city of Mashhad. His father was a Quran chanter and taught the basic frmo father in childhood .

mohammad reza shajarian

collaboration with radio as name of Siavash Bidgani was the beginning of the professor’s work . In 1977 he won the country’s first rank in reading of the Quran.

Every Iranian has some kind of memory with the master of Iranian singing . Shajarian’s Rabbana ( my lord ) at time of iftar on opening the fast during Ramadan, or Epic anthem IRAN ‘O’ HOUSE OF HOPE.

Master Shajarian has his own place The arena of music. Mater he is an international artist .Master Shajarian’s reputation is not just because of the sound only about his lifestyle, personality and behavior during many years has made him a favorite of the hearts.

Mohammad Reza Shajarian, musician, composer, singer and penman, In 2010, he was introduced as top 50 world premieres .He is the founder of the Shahnaz Group.

Shajarian in Iran, nicknamed to the Khosrow avaz-e-Iran.

Master Shajarian collaborated with great artists such as Jalal Zolfonoun, mohammad Reza Lotfi, Hossein alizadeh and others. He is recognized as skilled singer in challeng of traditional fastgah stil .


  1.  bidaad
  2.  nava
  3. be yaade a aref
  4. dastan
  5. dar khiaal …..

We can mention to some of the famous students of master such as

  • -Iraj Bastami
  • -SinSerLak
  • -Vahid Taj
  • -Homayoun Shajarian, and so on.


  1. Naming a street as name of master shajarian in 2019
  2.  Awards of aga khan foundation’s Music .
  3. the french national Order of the legion of honor ( only mohamad reza shajarian and shahram nazeri won )
  4.  Beata Award at Stanford University in 2010
  5. Mozart Medal in 2006
  6.  UNESCO and Grammy Awards in 1999…..

He was also nominated for Grammy Awards in Best World Music for his albums Without You in 2003 and Faryad in 2005.

Homayoun and Mojgan Shajarian are children of the master in the field of music .


he has been suffering from a cancer Shajarian has continued his treatment in the US and Iran.

From the most famous singers of Iranian singing history to Banan, Abolhassan Saba, Mohammad Reza Shajarian and names such as Shahram Nazeri, Alireza Eftekhari, Salar Aghili, Mohammad Motamedi.

Iranian traditional singing is an aspect of life that deals with affection and emotion and effects your soul.

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