Ancient Iranian from past in their traditional ceremonies (nouroz,yaldanight) nuts and gorp were used as a symbol of that. let’s become familiar with them with Iran tour operator .


In fact nuts is a genric term meaning dry fruits with seeds inside it .they are a sources of energy and nutrient . Nuts and gorp from multiple combination few dry fruits like almond ,pistachio ,hazelnuts ,seeds,walnut,..

The best nuts are the raw kind of nuts that prepared in health condition.nuts and gorb has been provided on august and September .

But Where is capital of Iran’s nut?

If you plan to travel to Iran be sure to visit FAROUJ in northern Khorasan ,every year many tourists go to visit this city, farouj, because of glacier caves and national monument .Persuasion:

Undoubtedly you will enjoy the best of nuts in Iran and happy times . In this city the shops are open 24 hours a day. you can visit that city with a budget tour in Iran.

with Iran tour become familiar with Iranian nuts

In the Nowroz you will find nuts in Iranian home’s .one of the main combination nuts is pistachio ,name of IRAN and pistachio have always been together .pistachio is kind of plant that grow up in some countries like Iran,turkey,united state ,Syria .

Despite all of these Iran is first place to export the pistachio then USA and Turkey.

Iran and united states both export pistachio but According to European expert ‘opinion Persian one has best taste .

Zarand , Kerman ,Rafsanjan are among the most important pistachio producers in Iran .

Iran tour operator

What do you know about the properties of pistachio?

  1. immune system
  2. improve heart health
  3. manage the weight
  4. help hair grow

Daily consumption of nuts increases life expectancy by 20% and improve morality.

Iran ‘s pistachio and nuts in the world market have a higher quality and rank ,but going to Iran closely seeing the fruit trees is another type .landscape

And historic sites are a special kind of that Iran tour operator recommend it to you.this country has a unique and top area that you never see before

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