Worship of mehr’s goodness of ancient Iran which related before the rise of Zoroastrianism Due to the trade between Europe and the conquered countries, it expanded to Europe and Roman Empire who they called this religious MTHRAS it means Persian’s secrets.


Symbol of MITRA was in form of man sacrifices a bull.

Among the Persians MITRA was the most valued god, even after appearance Zoroastrianism some of them keep their religious. In part of AVESTA ‘book (Zoroastrians) has talked about MITHRAISM.

This god protector of goodness, brightness and enemy of darkness and evil. According to MITHRAS ‘followers in the end of world a great fire will arise that MITHRAS’ followers will be safe from it.

The countries like IRAN, India, Egypt and part of Europe were followers of MITRA.

In IRAN and Shiraz you can see signs of MITRA in NAGHSH_E_ROSTAM or in the Kermanshah the role of TAGH_E_BOSTAN you can see mitra goodness. Iran travel agency will will explain this for you.

If you look carefully the picture of GREAT SYRUS you can recognized a star with five blades that’s one of mitra’s symbol.

The ARYANS were praised the force of nature’s such as sun ,moon, soil, stars, fire…but they worshiped MITRA as god who created sun ,IRANIAN never worshiped the sun because sun was symbol of MITRA .that reason call them sun worshipper that is absolutely wrong.

MEHR is an effective ritual because truly was honored ARYANS people.

Another symptom of mehr followers is BROKEN CROSS that call it MEHR WHEEL. Seventh month of year and 16 days of it is belongs to MITRA. This religious dates back to 8000 years ago, and if it weren’t Christian perhaps half of the world would have been follower of MITRA.

The birth of mehr on the Yalda night is the last night of fall with beginning of winter, he was born from rock, inside the cave Persuasion:


MITRA was a common god of Iran, India and parts of European countries such as Italy, Balkan and around the RHINE .Persians were always monotheism and they were enemies with lies and trick .Iran

Is vast and ancient country it is the birthplace of monotheism with warm blood people.

The fantastic geography of this country is one of the most impressive attractions for visitors looking for beauty.

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