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The longest suspended bridge (SKY BRIDGE) in the middle east opened in Tehran. this bridge is construction on Nahj-ol-Balagheh gardens , One of the tourism destinations of the city of Tehran , the first suspended bridge of the capital and the second suspended bridge after the suspended bridge in Meshkin-shahr, Ardabil.

The bridge was built at a height of 65 meters on Nahj-ol-balagheh gardens. The construction process of this bridge has begun since 2000 and after eight years now it has been exploited. there are a limited number of these types of bridges in the world.

You will be able to see the martyr Hemmat highway on north and the martyr Hakim highway on the south on this bridge. The difference between the suspension bridge of Nahj-ol-Balagheh and the nature bridge is in its elegance and design so that the bridge can be used up to 80 years.


  • The length of the SKY BRIDGE is 280 meters and its width is two meters with a height of 80 meters which connects the Nahj-ol-balagheh gardens to the Pardisan gardens.
  • The bridge has a capacity of 200 people .
  • The structure of this bridge is such that made of 12 strands of galvanized cable of 43 cm in diameter and strong against wind .
  • its floor covering is made like a red carpet on the deck of the bridge ( the flooring of this bridge is made of granules )Its lighting is done in both dynamic and static mode.
  • All components of this bridge and its components are made in Iran and Iranian engineers and consultants have been compiling this project. ( Engineers Mahmoud Ganjali Beyk and Ali Ganjali Beyk
  • Nahj-ol-Balagheh garden has two phases. phase 1 is located north of Hemmat highway and phase 2 on south of Hemmat highway.
  • The entrance of the sky suspended bridge is from Ashrafi Esfahani street and below the Hemat highway .
  • The entrance fee to the bridge for adults is 80000 rials For children under 7 age is free.
  • The bridge’s security has been adapted to global standards.
  • employer: Tehran mayoralty
  • Contractor: makan- shahre-mehr company.


Nahj-ol-Balagheh garden in a large part of the Farahzad valley near the river and built on the slope surrounding it .

In general, various parts of the park are as floor above each other along the route of the river and the river in the middle of the park virtually divides the park into two parts, which The beautiful bridge connects two parts of the park.

Construction of 10,000 meters of greenbelt on the brink of the bridge Including planting 23/000 bush, 5000 trees.

The suspended bridge project manager expresses that The cost of maintaining this bridge is supported with its entry ticket and entertainment.

The bridge is designed to create a happy and fun space for citizens and one of the attractions of the tourist in Tehran .In the middle east is not the same like it.

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