Tabiat Bridge

Tabiat Bridge

Tabiat Bridge is the largest attraction Pedestriton Bridge in norh of Tehran. It connect two public parks (Taleghani Park and Abo Atash Park) by spanning over Modares Highway. Iran tour operator can show you all the park and bridge.

Tabiat bridge with Iran tour operator

what Tabiat Bridge means


Tabiat means nature in Persian language and this bridge is about 270 meters long and includes of a 3dimensional truss with two continuous levels that sits on 3 shape columns.

Tabiat Bridge has a unique structure designed by Leila Araghian. The design of this three level pedestrian bridge is inspired by ancient Iranian architecture.

There are several walkway spreading through Taleghni Park that have access to the bridge. This pedestrian bridge is designed in three levels. That with Iran tour operator you can see them.


tabiat park with Iran tour operator


The first level has a café gallery and a coffee shop. The second level is designed for people who want to cross from one park to other park, they can walk, biking, skating or riding a horse carriage. The three level is a place to stay and enjoy the great view of whole Tehran.


The middle of the bridge, there ate stairs and ramps designed to get from other level. In fact the bridge is built in such a way that you cannot see the end of it, so you have to walk on the it and look at all the sight. Iran tour operator shows you all the sights.


In addition to this, there are many benches and other seating in all level which make it possible for people to stay on the bridge for as long as they want and enjoy the scenery which they can’t see from any other place. There are so many trees in both sides and lots of café and restaurant and other facilities. In general, the cafe and restaurant of this area can be divided into three parts. There are so many café and restaurants in the middle of abo-atash Park and the bridge of Rahe-Abrisham.


And in the end, rhhe-chobi(wood way). If you come from the east of Taleghani Park in to the Tabiat bridge, you can order a breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacj service and relax in cozy place. If you go ahead a little, and get to the middle of the bridge, you will see a coffe shop in the lower floor of the Tabiat Bridge. At the end of this huge bridge,there are also mellal (international) café and restaurant on the lower floor, it has a unique view of Tehran, with so many variety of foods eating in this beautiful place with glass walls that allow you to each the great views of modares highway as well as watching Tehran in somehow fresh air from height of Tabiat bridge. If you interested with this kinds of places don’t miss budget tour in Iran with Iran travel agency.


walk in Tabiat Park


The experience of this place is extremely suggested because it gives you a special peace. On the other side of the bridge, there is a skate boarding where skateboarders show their skills, further down from, this is an amazing picnic area with plenty of gazebos. There are so many Iranian families, having picnics in 2014, and a great example of how modern architecture can blend into a busy city and become a place to relax, eat good food and have a family day out.


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