A great part of the pleasure of each trip is familiar with people of destination and their different culture, One of the ways that gives you this opportunity To communicate directly with the locals, the traditional market of that city. In the traditional markets, you have the greatest deal with the people and today we will take you to one of the most famous markets in Iran, where Named the largest market in Iran, A place in the heart of the beautiful city of Tabriz. Iran tour operator will introduce this palace to you.

Tabriz is one of the most beautiful and oldest cities in Iran, Tabriz is one of the most beautiful and oldest cities in Iran. The metropolis ‘Tabriz Is center of East Azerbaijan.

From everywhere in Tabriz you can reach bazaar by taxi and bus.



The largest and most important indoor market in the world. This market has been boomed in the thirteenth century AD, And on the way of the Silk Road .Historical complex of Tabriz market with one kilometer And 6500 chambers, 46 jobs, Several schools, mosques and baths is among the most important and most complete international venues . This market is located in the middle of a quadrangle from the east to the ally Qapu (Crown prince’s palaces) from the west to central mosque and from the north to the parts of the river.

This river separates the market from the northern and southern parts which Connected to the wooden bridge .Of course, the earthquake has damaged this market, which has been restored by skilled architects.

The Tabriz market has attracted many tourists such as 

  1. Marco Polo
  2. Ibn Battutah
  3. yaqut -al – hamavi
  4. Jean-Baptiste Tavernier.

RASTEH BAZAAR, Perhaps the largest and most complete in the Tabriz market in terms of diversity.There is everything as you want in this market and Inexpensive.

  2. shoemakers bazaar
  3. foundry bazaar
  4. harammkhaneh
  5. crystal vendors’ bazaar….


1-It is one of the registered works of Iran in UNESCO World Heritage List

2- The name of this market is the largest indoor market in the world and the largest independent and interconnected brick collection that has been registered in the world. (Perhaps many have heard that the grand bazaar Istanbul is the largest market in the world that it’s not true In fact, the Tabriz bazaar is the largest indoor market in the world and grand bazaar Istanbul is one of the great indoor bazaar in the world.

3- Timcheh mozafarieh and rasteh gheysarieh of tabriz bazaar aee the most famouse of it in iran .

4- The Tabriz bazaar is a good place to buy first class and excellent goods Such as:

  • Handmade Carpet
  • Nuts
  • Leather goods and spices with a good price.

5- The most complete social organization of Iran among the Iranian markets which has various social structures.


Great variety of jobs there is many goods here for all tastes. On the one hand, you see the Shine of gold market and on the other side is the smell of spices.

  1. Leather of Tabriz that you do not need to say the best and most beautiful bag and shoes of Iran here is available to you.
  2. The Tabriz bazaar is not complete without CARPET.

Tabriz and colorful, high quality and beautiful CARPET it attracts viewers .here is no news of moquette.

Bakery and dishes of Tabriz are welcome for many tourists. We also offer them to you.


this tours include a trip to tabriz

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