Tajrish traditional bazaar

Tajrish traditional bazaar

Iran is one of the tourist country that every places of it is beautiful and sightseeing. this country has 31 city that each one has many tourist place; souvenir and etc. Iran its a budget destination for budget tour in Iran .

Tehran is city center and have many parish that each one has their history that make them attractive and attract people to visit them like darband ; tajrish ; darake ; sarcheshme ;farahzad and etc.

budget tour in iran to Tajrish bazaar

Tochal and colakchal are important mountains at the north of Tehran .Emam zade saleh is in the tajrish and we have a traditional bazaar beside it that is famous in Iran and world with a budget tour in Iran with our travel agency make memorable trip.

At the end of the bazaar there is a mosque with beauty tradition architecture .in this mosque play passion in muharram;ramezan;fatemiye.

As I said tajrish traditional bazaar is crowded and popular because of:

  • -fruit and vegetable shop .their color attract heart and eyes .many people take photos from fruits and vegetables
  • -it’s beautiful and pleasant
  • -it’s traditional and has historical mood remember the old Tehran
  • -out of the bazaar at night
  • -cool climate
  • -because of its tradition and has perfect architecture and people colorful and fantastic fruits and vegetables many photographer and usual people take some photos
  • -emam zade saleh is near to bazaar not only people go to emem zade and pray also they go to bazaar after prying
  • -there is many fashionable and traditional café and restaurant around it and you can eat tasty food

This bazar attract many tourist each year. Many of them are coming for second or more times and they are exciting and their opinion is unexpected and I think spring is the best time to visit this traditional bazar because in this season specially on farvardin fruit and vegetable are green and very beautiful

For myself when I go traveling the time and bazar and malls is so important for me not only for buying but also I want to know the history of the place and I want to visit all tourist and sightseeing places and give many photo and make sweet remember for myself.

I go to this bazar many times in a year with my friends and family because it has good mood and pleasant and good weather for its location and near to emam zade saleh and it’s easy to go with bus or train ; it isn’t so far.

I suggested to people in each erea to travel to Tehran with a budget tour in Iran and go to tajrish and visit the places; I belive you will love it.

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