Tehran’s Aqua Park

Tehran’s Aqua Park

One of the entertainment and amusement for TEHRAN and passengers is swimming and going to AQUA park. Iran tour operator managing visit Aqua park for you.

There is no age and gender restriction to go the pool for relaxation after a long and hard work, it’s a best option, especially if you want to use a modern environment with high amenities the OPPARK AQUA PARK in Tehran is Iran travel agency suggestion to you.

Tehran's Aqua Park

This spacious and well-equipped amusement center offers fantastic amenities and for kids who love river and its games .ALLUPIA collection (for children) a raving river is built by the white water CANADIAN company ,specifically designed for the OPPARK AQUA .this aqua park has different and exciting pools that we don’t recommend to heart patients .it’s a fully equipped and relaxing jacuazzi . This collection in terms of standard in Iran is number 1 or 2, with safely.

Take your family there and take advantages of it’s services such as good staff ,good quality

Nutrition, availability to elsewhere. providing internet ticket’s will be discounted for you .this beautiful place has few points such as restaurants,coffee shop,juice shop, massage,turkish bath,…with all this definitions ,OPPARK is one of the most luxuries AQUA in TEHRAN .now let’s talk about another famous AQUA park in Tehran is PARS AQUA PARK,

Torsion slides, speeds, space hole,…and other games that kids like to do and for adult in VIP drys sauna, steam,snow room,body building and etc.

After it you use coffee shop, Juice shop,traditional restaurant ,shopping center,amusement park ,car hire.

This place is covert for four season .PARS AQUA PARK is largest covered one in middle east and with highest international standard with capacity of 2000 people .

What’s the reason for this place’s popularity?

In all ages, men and women can use it simultaneously and separately so enjoy of your free times there with a budget tour in Iran with Iran travel agency.

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