The Jurassic park of TEHRAN is the only Iranian’s garden by providing dinosaur sculpture, it is possible to familiarity with this huge creature.this park is an educational and recreational place. All statues are made in different types, real dimension and their dimension has been designed in real one with sound and special effect. Some of the statue’s eyes open and close.if you are interested with this Iran travel agency offer visit that park.


You will get acquainted with creatures that you have seen in movie or cartoons and read in books. The park area is 30/000 meters .you will encounter 28 different spices of vegetarian and carnivore، move able or standing statue dinosaur .you can see a dinosaur ‘s egg displaying the symbolic way of this beast,and see the way of their life and foods to you as amazing way. It is interesting that we know 40 years ago after a few remains of a dinosaur was discovered by french researchers near the Kerman then they transmitted all the remains to PARIS museum of history. IRAN Is one of the oldest area of the world that remains of many extinct creatures have been observed , but anyway, dinosaur are part of history have gone now,just like IRANIAN CHEETAH.

With the advent of first fossilizes and curiosities of scientists a change has begun on the discovery of this creature .

THE JURASSIC PARK Iran travel agency

And because of the interest of children and adults in understanding the various aspects of the life of these animals Artwork was created in relation to theme inPersuasion:

This park kids and their families will have a good day that (this park) has three dimensional film and film studio and JURRASHOPP . The other facilities include parking buffet.

By going to this park and among giant and moving dinosaurs you went to 200/000/000 years ago. by a budget tour in Iran make a memorable memory.

You can go to this park all days of the week and make memorable times by taking photograph an buying the toys for your kids. This park is located in Behrood Sa’adat Abad Square of TEHRAN And it has quick access to public transport. Go to JURASSIK PARK and enjoy every thing.

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