The money which paid to employees in the service sectors And its amount is separate from the bill And there are all over the world But the culture of each society confirms the extent, manner, and type of it .

TIP in Iran includes everything .

In fact, there is an informal income for simple and semi-skilled workers .

The word of TIP doesn’t have a clear History And possibly it comes from Latin word (( STEEPS)) that means gift .

tip in iran

TIP is a form of reward. Great reward for doing well . This revenue is for people who often work in service jobs

It Encourages and do better services . In Iran and other countries TIP is a deal which wont be registered in any institution .

DON’T FORGET OUR TIP In Iran you hear a lot this word No matter what service you receive, in what quality , In addition to the cost and bills Another amount as a TIP , lagniappe , bonus should be paid .

Of course, you should know that there is not much willingness to TIP in Iran .

And you do not know what to do when you encountered a driver, guardian and waiter in Iran .

In Iran, like other countries TIP ، Means your satisfaction with the services that you receive . In fact, Iranians consider this idea as a good work called it :(( tea money , donuts or ice cream money . ))

Maybe for many travelers who are not familiar with other cultures like Iranian , perhaps they do not know what to do but there is no need for gesticulation. Iran tour operator will manage a trip for you.

1- When You received the service , YOU CAN TIP . Do not be wait for asking the request of you . Meanwhile, when you TIP to some one Try to say a sentence or something that has an effect on mind of your audience for example : I searched for you yesterday , but i didn’t see you .

2- it is needn’t put money Stealthy in pocket of your audience , Your audience may think that you are embarrassed of giving a little money .You need to know who and how much to tip .

But we also offer you a few advise to try and take them seriously ; With the person who serves you Do not have an ugly and insulting encounter . When You used a taxi from the airport to your hotel , After getting out TIP to driver .

– Never ask questions about whether you recived TIP .

– There is a golden rule by TIP insure your services . And even if you TIP before ordering , you will be waiting for the good service Because the recipient does not distort the trust that he has received .

– Get enough cash with yourself .

– there is a kind of TIP In the end of the year and the beginning of New Year that iranian call it bonus or EIDY .

– In some jobs, TIP IS NOT acceptable , they give gifts , Which is a kind of thanks for the past work done . Such as |:

– teachers Day

– doctor’s Day

In total, TIP began from Europe and quickly penetrated the United States and rest of the world that Of course, it is different in cultures The Japanese consider it a kind of insult While the Americans are very free-handed about it and …


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