On a trip to Iran as an international tourist Knowing about the law and public information of this country is required. Like other Muslim countries, ladies should wear hijab.

Wearing manto and scarf is mandatory at the time of being in Iran. Of course This should be taken into consideration Seeing the new places.

Getting to know the culture and traditions of the people that you’ve came to their country concerning to these cases, You can don’t consider to these limits.

– Women in public places cover their hair with scarves and Wear pants or long skirts.

-Before entering religious places, wear veil.

– Wearing t-shirts for men is not a problem, But wearing short pants is not allowed in public places.

Coverage of women is not hard- line.

what to wear in Iran

If you pay a little attention, you can get an acceptable cover in Iran. There were many tourists after entering Iran and seeing the coverage of Iranian women realized that there is no limitation color in Iran .

If they told you to use dark colors, this is a pretty legendary saying. Be sure your idea of Iran’s women before and after joining Iran will definitely change.

The wearing the colorful and bright clothes is normal for Iranian’s women and And if you wear colored clothes in your country, there’s no reason to forget about wearing it in Iran . Now, we suggest some effective ways for your easy travel in Iran.

Iranian women dress and Iran female dress code

– There is no limitation to Wear tights and jeans Because Iranian women are also using them as usual.

-If you like, provide a manto

Because wearing veil is hard for most of the tourists you can wear any cover that looks like a manto Up on your knee ، it’s Fully accepted and graceful.

– Maybe you will have a light shawl in your wardrobe But buying it in Iran is a good idea due to the good price and variety .

– If you would like to wear summer shoes or Lacquered nails and makeup in the summer, it’s Normal cover of Iranian women.

– there is no problem wearing Short pants until your ankle is covered.

WEARING THE SUITABLE CLOTHES OF THE DESIRED COUNTRY It is a sign of your respect for that country.

We, the people of Iran, are like the other nations of the rest of the world, We are not differ much from the whole of the world. you can see Iran travel agency packages.

Maybe before entering to Iran they imagined that women forced to Cover their body with a black hijab completely.

But You will see Colorful and stylish ladies in the streets of Iranian cities.

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