Travelling is an attractive experience which can be much more enjoyable by considering the right time. Geographic location and atmospheric conditions are important indicators for determining the right time for travel.

IRAN’S ancient and historic attractions are ranked tenth in the world and fifth place of natural attractions.

Spring season and Nowruz holidays in April is the best time to travel to the cities of Iran because the suitable weather offers a big advantage: It’s neither as hot as summer, nor as cold as winter.

Iran is a country of four seasons but most of the Persians prefer to travel during spring and summer. If you come to IRAN in April and you look for a moderate weather, we invite you to the shores of the Persian Gulf. Do not forget to travel to Iran in April and May, it will be an exceptional experience.


travel to qeshm iran iin spring
spring in iran


At the beginning of June when the heat begins, the cold cities of Iran such as Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah are the best destinations for you with cool weather and wonderful nature. If you are interested in skiing, in Eastern Azerbaijan and other cities you can rent ski equipment. North and northwest cold heights are the destination for skiers.

If the cold in the winter does not annoy you, enjoy the beautiful roads by traveling by train. The cold weather in January is tangible, and very hard in mountainous cities. But if you want to stay away from the cold of winter We invite you to Venice of Iran, near the SHADEGAN WETLAND (sraee), the most beautiful place that you do not expect, where the local people are waiting for you with a boat.

travel to iran in summer
Kurdistan tourism

Autumn is the king of the seasons: Lovely weather and raining streets, and lower population density in spectacular places and monuments. With the mild Autumn weather in Iran, you can stay for how long you wish in the scenic and memorable places and there is no need to take a suitcase full of warm clothes with you.

Remember that traveling in autumn will have a lower cost according what tourists say (low season), you will escape the summer rushes, and you’ll enjoy taking photos, walks, and adventures. In autumn you will also have the chance to see autumn festivals in Iran.

Iran in autumn


Just like other countries, Iran has delicious and tasty foods for autumn. Do not doubt that travelling to Iran with an Iran budget tour in Autumn will be a matchless experience.


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