Where is ziggurat dur untash or Chogha Zanbil?

Where is ziggurat dur untash or Chogha Zanbil?

Khuzestan an everlasting ancient land of Iran, land of heat and old legends has many national monument one of them is CHOGHAZANBIL.

Where is exact location of Chogha Zanbil?

Ancient city of Shoush in Khuzestan province in Iran. The first religious place in Iran and the great temple. This chapel has been build 1250.bc by Ontash napirash king of Ilam. Ilam civilization is the first and oldest civilization in the world. This structure is the first Iranian monument registered in the Unesco list.

The sanctuaries were a place of respect so they used the best material of Clay and brick on this temple. In fact the king build this temple for Inshushinak goddess, goddess of Shush city. An inscription found in honor of this goddess. This amazing place is located 115 km from Ahvaz.


Chogha Zanbil

What’s means of Chogha Zanbil?

The word of Chogha Zanbil in Lorish language: The word “Chugha zanbil” has two parts “chogha” means hill and “zanbil” means basket.

In fact, it refers to the location on the hill Look like a reverse basket. Towers in the shape of the pyramid are called Chogha Zanbil ziggurat. Initially, the temple was 52 meters high and it had 5 floors but today it is 25 meters high and 2 and half floors are left. The reason for the pyramids is the stairs which is towards the sky and God. People believed that the goddess Inshshinak would go to the sky from this place and return to the earth.

Chogha Zanbil

In this temple There were widespread rituals with songs and music. Perhaps you would love to visit this place closely, so Iran tour operator manage a trip to that place with a budget tour in iran.

You should know the reason is the globalization of the water treatment plant, that one of the wonders of this temple. There were temples and palaces next to Chogha Zanbil. The EILAMITS people believe to number of 7 and it was holy for theme 7 gates, 7palaces and 7 alter.

Chogha Zanbil

There was the oldest water supply system in the world in Chogha Zanbil. On the southwest side there is palaces of tombs, the reason of this name There’s five underground cemeteries like Which is the tomb of kings and princes of Ilam . Nascq’s private sanctuary has been the place of worship of the king and the royal family.

However this civilization was eventually destroyed by Ashurbanipal.

Perhaps you would be interested in how this place was discovered. Shoush is the capital of Iran near the Karoun River. It is interesting to know that someone called Jacques de Morgan, An American geologist looking for oil.

Followed by discovering the first engraved bricks, Roman grandmas came to this place with his team.

Chogha Zanbil

Regarding the passage of time, unfortunately, there has been severe erosion but in 1998, the agreement between Iran and unesco, Japan and France began the project for the conservation and restoration of Chogha zbanil. It may surprise you that there were water treatment plants in Iran 4,000 and 200 years ago NOW IT’S TIME TAKE YOUR CHANSE AND BEEN HERE NOT JUST HEAR ABOUT IT.

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