Zoroastrian is an ancient Persian religion that have originated as early as 40000 years ago. It is the smallest religions in the world but the history of Zoroastrian is one of the most important religions in the world, the only god named Mazda Ahura in known. Zoroastrian believe that all greatness are reserved for Ahura Mazda and the almighty God. Most of what is he know about the Zaroaster comes from Avesta and this is a collection of Zoroastrian religious. Scriptures (holy book).


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History of Zoroastrian

Zoroastrian is ancient pre-Islamic of Iran, many of Zoroastrianism have lived in Iran. They are mostly in Teharn, yazd and kerman. Today most of them live in Tehran to take advantage of economic opportunities there. On the other hand, the number of them living in Yazd.

Yazd and village around it have traditionally been home to many Zoroastrians. Desert shirine in Yazd attract Zoroastrian pilgrims from all over the world. The Zoroastrian sanctuary is called Atashkade (five temple) which is kept from Zoroastrian holy five. One of these sanctuaries is located in Yazd that is man building is 21 meter high. This religion was likely similar early from of Hinduism.

Zoroaster taught is was duty of each person to help auhura mazda by living morally and flowing the words “good thought, good words, good deads” Zoroastrian value the asha (the low of God).the idea of spiritual love. And practice loving ones fellew man. They believe in individual human responsibility and hold in high regard the loyalty of truth, purity, simplicity, good thought, good words, and good deads. this is regarded as a very social religion: During holidays are encouraged to party in up and have good time.


Zoroastrian celebrations


Today celebration that ate held by them are same celebration of ancient Iran and they celebrated each month, when the name of the day and the moon came together, and called that celebration the same month.


As a matter of fact, Zoroastrian religion is one of the oldest example of monotheism and the trust in one God. It was estimated that there are about 200000 Zoroastrian living around the world. In addition, the most common symbols are faravahar which was written an ancient temple, and the adar or sacred fire symbolizes justice and the presence of God. If you are interested in Zoroastrian and want to see their ancient buildings you can travel to Iran by a budget tour in Iran with Iran travel agency .

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