An ancient sport intentional Which is a thousand years old is Sports action Collection with device or without it.


What we can do in zurkhaneh

Maybe you ask yourself where this place is? what is for the sound of the bell and reading lyrics? Which ritual and ceremony for? has it’s Customs and rituals.

This sport has been the main activities of daily Iranians in ancient times. This place is for strengthening and motivating morales. A covrt location, that it’s building is like chapels and temples That Zurkhaneh emerged from there.

Place of exercise is called PIT

Lower than the main hall floor

Which it has eight corners .


Zurkhaneh door which is named octave, They make it short to enter this place in a state of respect . This place is a respectable place for the Iranian people . Near the every town have several ZURKHANEH . A man is Supervisor Zurkhaneh Playing the drum that is like the Tombac. And the audience sit down on the platform next to the PIT.

The tambourin is made of pottery, with its covered with skin . By playing the tambourin , it will be coordinated the sports supervisor . The oldest ceremonies of Zurkhana is pray at the end of the sport.This sport in 2010 was Register in UNESCO.


ZURKHANEH Sports is quite masculine. It has own movements. Indian club has 4 to 40 kiloes weight , SHENO board , … this sports movements will be conducted by Supervisor Zurkhaneh.

Zurkhaneh is built on the alleyways of the city and the Roofing of the ZURKHANEH is a dome shape. Iran travel agency managing trip for you to see traditions of iran.

Zurkhaneh has been founded 700 years ago by Mahmud Known as Puriya Vali . And the great names of the TAHKTIE are from the athletes of this field . The development of the spirit and the body is the goal of the athletes in the ZURKHANEH . Humility , respect , Helping the poor. Special features for athletes in this field .

The respect and principles of chastity have been the characteristics of Iranians from the past to today .

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