Corona Condition

Coronary restrictions on travel to Iran will be lifted

Last Update: 29/10/2021


In recent days, with the identification of new strains of the corona virus in some European and African countries, speculation has intensified that Iran’s borders with neighboring countries are closed. In this regard, Seyed Ruhollah Latifi, the spokesman of the customs, said in an interview with Mehr: “The decision to restrict or stop passenger traffic is with the National Corona headquarters and now traffic is normal at the country’s borders and as in the past, protocols such as PCR and Holding a vaccination card can cross the border.


He continued: “During this period, not only the country’s borders have not been closed to travelers, but for nearly two weeks now, the tourist visa has been activated by the Minister of Cultural Heritage.”


Regarding the tourist visa, he explained: “For more than a year and a half since the coronary heart disease entered the country, the issue of tourism entering Iran has been disrupted, to the point that at some point in time travelers enter the country is completely prohibited.” And after that, traffic was established only with special visas such as education and treatment and.. Therefore, tourists did not enter Iran with a tourist visa. But for some time now, the borders have been opened for entering and leaving Turkey, and for other countries, the issue of tourist visas has become serious.


A customs spokesman stressed: “This new virus could change our border situation, but we will have to wait for the National Corona Headquarters to announce its decision.” Although the sixth wave has been discussed in recent months, statistics show that nothing unpleasant has happened.


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