Azadi Hotel ★★★★★

Azadi Hotel in Tehran (★★★★)

Azadi Hotel in Tehran has hosted many famous personalities by providing facilities and services in accordance with modern world standards. The former Hyatt Hotel was built before the revolution by an American company under the supervision of Swiss and Italian engineers, and was renamed the Azadi Parsian Hotel after the revolution. From Chamran highway, move towards Evin intersection, you will see the tall building of Azadi Hotel.



This 5-star hotel is located near the foothills of Alborz and the intersection of the main highway of Tehran. The pleasant climate of the region as well as the luxurious and modern facilities have made Azadi Hotel one of the best hotels in Tehran. If you are looking for a hotel that is not within the scope of the permanent traffic plan and Tehran couple and individual, Parsian Azadi Hotel is a good option. In addition, due to the good location of Azadi Hotel, guests will have a good view of the hotel rooms and breathe clean air. The various accommodation units of Azadi Hotel are equipped with facilities such as air conditioning, pie maker, table and TV, mini bar. If you travel to Tehran for leisure, by booking Azadi Hotel, you will have easy access to tourist attractions such as Saadabad historical complex, Tochal entertainment complex and Jurassic Park. If you are looking for a hotel close to Tehran Exhibition, Parsian Azadi Hotel is a good option due to its location on the main highways of the city.



In addition, from Azadi Hotel, you have easy access to the meeting center of the Radio and Television Organization, the Summit Hall and the large sports complex of the Revolution. Do not worry about meals by booking Azadi Hotel, except for Orchid Western Restaurant, Cypress Outdoor Restaurant, each of which has a varied menu, you can visit Parsian Azadi Hotel’s Italian restaurant, the chef of this restaurant with its staff will offer unique food to attract Satisfy the guests. For breakfast at the Azadi Hotel, head to the Yasman Breakfast Hall, and don’t forget the Sky Hotel Nilo Coffee Shop and Coffee House.


Parsian Azadi Hotel’s health facilities include a swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, massage parlor, spa and traditional bath. One of the special features of Liberty Hotel is the integrated energy saving system, which warns about optimal water consumption and washing of sheets. For this reason, Parsian Azadi Hotel in Tehran is the first green hotel in Iran and environmentally friendly



Distance from the hotel to the attractions:

Distance to Milad Tower: 7 km and 929 m 12 minutes by car

Distance to Reza Abbasi Museum: 12 km and 402 meters 18 minutes by car

Distance to Saadabad complex: 5 km and 834 meters 18 minutes by car

Distance to Golestan Palace: 17 km and 457 meters 30 minutes by car


Contact Info:
Tell: +447937004520 | +989367308914
Email: reservation [at]

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