Darvish Hotel Mashhad

Darvish is one of the luxurious hotels in Mashhad adjacent to the divine cemetery of Imam Reza,that hotel is 5-star and has 22 floors, 223 rooms in 32 different types.
All of the rooms of this hotel can make you relax and give you comfort of  stay in deluxe and modern decor.
that has unique features and facilitates such as: water complex with spa and pool , roof garden with a nondescript landscape, helicopter’s bond, the market with traditional architectural style with valid brands, foreign and Iranian diverse restaurant, fast food and coffee shop. The services are at the level of 7-star hotels. Due to the comfort and relaxation of the guests, ease of access to facilities and diversity in modern luxury residential areas, luxury rooms away from urban noise and nations rooms with a trip to the past and to the present times, these cause a memorable, attractive and pleasant accommodating.

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