Ferdowsi Grand Hotel ★★★★

Ferdowsi Grand Hotel (★★)

Ferdowsi Grand Hotel is a four star hotel located in Tehran. This hotel, which is one of the oldest hotels in Tehran, is located in the center of the historical context of the city and has easy access to other parts of the city due to its proximity to public transportation stations such as metro, bus and taxi.

Booking a hotel in Tehran always has its own complexities. If you are thinking of a cozy place away from street noise, the Ferdowsi Hotel, which dates back to Pahlavi times, is a good choice. Museum of Ancient Iran, Citir Street, Aladdin Mobile Bazaar, Chaharsoo Mobile Bazaar and Coin and Jewelry Bazaar are less than a 20-minute walk from your residence. If you have a vehicle, it is 10 minutes to Golestan Palace, 13 minutes to Nature Bridge, and about 35 minutes to Niavaran Palace Complex, Tajrish Bazaar and the Iranian Cinema Museum. If you do not have a vehicle, you can use the BRT bus station, taxi and Ferdowsi metro station, which are a short distance from your accommodation.

The hotel accommodation consists of single and double rooms, royal single and double rooms, royal, imperial and twin suites. All units have a stylish and modern layout and are equipped with facilities such as Wi-Fi internet, air conditioning, TV with satellite channels, refrigerator with minibar and private bathroom.

In addition to the standard facilities, the suites also include the latest intelligent comfort systems, including light, sound, music and intelligent air conditioning.

The spacious Royal and Imperial Suites have a kitchen and jacuzzi, offering beautiful views from the north and south of the hotel.

Forousi Hotel Tehran has provided complete catering facilities for its guests.

Start your day with breakfast with fresh Iranian bread in Ferdows Breakfast Hall.

In the traditional restaurant “Termeh”, which is arranged in a traditional style, enjoy a variety of Persian dishes along with live music.

“Zaytoun” buffet and restaurant with a variety of Persian and French appetizers and orders in a stylish and unique atmosphere is ready to receive dear guests.

The hotel’s French restaurant, designed and arranged in a classic French style, for private and small parties up to 80 people.

It is a very good place.

If you are a fan of fast food, you can enjoy a variety of Spanish-style doughless pizzas and special and innovative fast food “violin” sandwiches.



You can also count on the hotel’s coffee shop, located in the corner of the lobby, for friendly chats or important business appointments.

In addition, in the pastry shop of Ferdowsi Grand Hotel, a variety of cakes and sweets with the best quality are offered.

Ferdowsi Hotel Tehran has provided a collection of the best facilities and services to satisfy and comfort its guests.

High-speed Wi-Fi internet is available throughout the hotel. Airport transfer is also available with prior reservation.

The hotel sports complex has various facilities in order to maintain the vitality and health of the guests. For example, if you do not want to stay away from sports and fitness while traveling, visit the hotel’s equipped gym. If you are interested in water sports, the hotel’s large swimming pool and sauna are at your service. But if you feel tired after sightseeing in the city or after a busy day, you can use the hotel massage services to rejuvenate your body and mind.

The hotel reception halls with a capacity of up to 650 people and equipped with full audio and video facilities, a wedding room with beautiful tablecloths and a varied dining table will make you an unforgettable memory of the event.

Also, special multi-purpose halls for holding all kinds of conferences, seminars and shows and music programs equipped with the latest audio and video technologies are ready to provide the services you need.



The most popular places near the hotel

National Jewelry Museum of Iran 555 meters

Golestan Palace 831 meters

Iran Ebrat Museum 94 meters

Communication Museum 215 meters

Masoudiyeh mansion 886 meters

Tehran Peace Museum 637 meters


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