Negin Historical House

Experience an Irainian Traditional house where the prices starts fron 8.7Euros. The traditional hotel of Negin historical house is located in Kashan city of Isfahan province. This residential complex is located in the old part of Kashan and was renovated in 1392 and then put into operation.

Negin historical house, which are separate houses but are connected by large doors and form a large complex. The atmosphere of this residence is completely traditional and old, which includes the royal residence and the pool is located in the center of the courtyard and the rooms are around the royal residence. The courtyard of this residence is ready to host 250 people for celebrations, conferences and celebrations. Be.

This residence has 40 beautiful rooms with a traditional and pleasant rural layout that has a total accommodation and reception capacity of 76 tourists.

The rooms of this residence include ordinary rooms, VIP, emerald, diamond, diamond, crypt and attic. The crypt rooms have 4 steps down and the attic rooms have 10 steps up. And older tourists or young children should pay attention to this issue when choosing a room.

The hotel restaurant also serves a variety of authentic Iranian and local dishes in Kashan, such as minced meat, beet meatballs, cabbage, eggplant, lentils and beans.

This eco-tourism resort is equipped with modern facilities in a completely traditional and original Iranian environment and provides tourists with the opportunity to explore all the sights and tourism of Kashan and receive tourists with a variety of traditional food to make a pleasant stay and It will be memorable for all domestic and foreign tourists and will remind of the traditional Iranian life.

Due to the location of the residence in the old part of the city, it is close to the tourist attractions of the city such as Kashan Grand Bazaar and historical houses and buildings, the tomb of Mohtasham Kashani, the famous Timcheh Amin Al-Dawlah, and the Agha Bozorg Mosque in Kashan.

One of the highlights of this traditional hotel is that the proceeds are intended for orphaned and neglected children.

  • Distance (approximate) of this residence to tourist attractions and important places
  • Distance to Kashan Airport -> 18.5 km (22 minutes)
  • Distance to Kashan railway station -> 6.1 km (12 minutes)
  • Distance to Kashan passenger terminal -> 2.9 km (10 minutes)
  • Distance to Kashan Aghabzorg Mosque -> 800 meters (4 minutes)
  • Distance to Kashan traditional bazaar -> 550 meters (2 minutes)
  • Distance to Kashan Ameri House -> 1.7 km (6 minutes)
  • Distance to Safavid Grand Bazaar -> 2.2 km (8 minutes)
  • Distance to Kashan Fin Garden and Bath -> 8.9 km (18 minutes)
  • Distance to Noshabad Underground City (Ovi Complex) -> 12.9 km (22 minutes)
  • Distance to Ghamsar village of Kashan -> 32.6 km (36 minutes)
  • Distance to Niasar Cave -> 37.7 km (45 minutes)
  • Distance to Abyaneh tourist village and castle -> 77 lobbies

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