Noghli Historical House

The eco-tourism residence of the Noghli house, which belongs to the Qajar period, is located in Kashan, Isfahan province.

This eco-lodge has a windbreak, several courtyard porches, two small courtyards, a crypt and a beautiful pool in the middle of the courtyard.

This residence is a collection of 9 rooms with unique names such as Naqli House, Abangan, Tirgan, Mordadgan, Khazan and Khorram Rooz, etc., which is known as the smallest house in this area with an area of ​​198 square meters.

This residence has the capacity to receive 72 tourists, and prices stars from 6Euros.

The rooms of this residence are for 3 people, but it is possible to add an extra bed service in the form of a sleeping floor to the rooms. Among the facilities of these rooms, we can mention the split and gas cooler, private refrigerator, bed and toilet and private bathroom inside the rooms.

Other facilities available in the rooms for the comfort and convenience of more tourists include wireless internet, outdoor tea service in the yard, private parking of the residence and sanitary and personal accessories, including toothbrushes, toothpaste and shampoo, Bath towels, hand and face towels, sheets, pillowcases, bookshelf, bicycle.

The architecture of the eco-tourism residence is a mobile house in the style of desert houses, which includes interior, exterior, windbreaks, cellars, ponds and corridors, and evokes a completely traditional atmosphere.

Notable points in this eco-tourism resort are the possibility of ordering and serving a variety of delicious local and indigenous foods such as white bean broth, Kashani sumac water dumplings, chickpea stew, Kashani dice kebab, Kashan chelo daisy and meat and beans, which taste and It leaves a memorable aroma for every tourist of this residence.

Among the scenic and tourist attractions that are located near this residence and tourists can easily visit them, the following places can be mentioned:

Ameri House, Tabatabai Historical House, Kashan Traditional Bazaar, Finn Garden and Bath, Kashan Ghamsar Village, Niasar Cave, Abyaneh Tourist Village and Fortress and Safavid Grand Bazaar.


  • Distance (approximate) of this residence to tourist attractions and important places
  • Distance to Kashan Airport -> 19.3 km (24 minutes)
  • Distance to Kashan railway station -> 8.5 km (16 minutes)
  • Distance to Kashan passenger terminal -> 2.6 km (10 minutes)
  • Distance to Kashan Ameri House -> 450 meters (2 minutes)
  • Distance to Hosseini and Bani Kazemi Historical House -> 350 meters (2 minutes)
  • Distance to Boroujerdi House -> 650 meters (3 minutes)
  • Distance to Abbasian Historical House -> 700 meters (4 minutes)
  • Distance to Tabatabai Historical House -> 1.1 km (5 minutes)
  • Distance to the house of the Museum of Dolls and Toys -> 950 meters (5 minutes)
  • Distance to Kashan Agha Bozorg Mosque -> 1.5 km (6 minutes)
  • Distance to Jalali Castle and Seljuk Fence -> 1.6 km (6 minutes)
  • Distance to Kashan traditional market -> 1.5 km (7 minutes)
  • Distance to Safavid Grand Bazaar -> 2.8 km (12 minutes)
  • Distance to Kashan Fin Garden and Fin Bath -> 8.5 km (20 minutes)
  • Distance to Noshabad Underground City (Ovi Complex) -> 14.2 km (28 minutes)
  • Distance to Ghamsar village of Kashan -> 32 km (36 minutes)
  • Distance to Niasar Cave -> 38 km (48 minutes)
  • Distance to Sohrab Sepehri Tomb -> 46.4 km (51 minutes)
  • Distance to Abyaneh tourist village and castle -> 76.6 km

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